Table Top Racing: World Tour

Authors Table Top Racing: World Tour boast the presence among the human development, had a hand in WipeOut . This undeservedly forgotten Sony series of impressive racing at high speeds, memorable visual style and a great soundtrack. But it turned out that the TTR does not have any of these features.

Table Top Racing: World Tour game review

Rival left was blown, but dropped out of the race just a couple of seconds.

Minute deal

Initially Table Top Racing has entered the mobile devices. It proved to be quite popular and made it to the PlayStation Vita, and now the authors decided to release its creation on home consoles, promising at the same time and PC-version.

The local races on mikromashinkah presented in the form of six championships – two for each of the three categories of cars. Initially only available for so-called “cult classic” and issued at the start of the money enough to purchase one of the two cars (two more in the same category are slightly more expensive, so they just do not buy). One bad drift and slowly dispersed, but the maximum speed it is high, and the other has a balanced performance. Using the selected machine, the player must complete the race, and earn coins to buy more and more high-quality vehicles to constantly take their seats on the podium.

Spend money as possible and to improve the car, increasing its top speed, handling, acceleration speed and armor. It is possible to replace the wheels – some designed for drifting, others endows many bonus coins, some allow to ram opponents or even disarm them. Finally, there is nothing stopping to repaint your car; however, design options too little.

Table Top Racing: World Tour game review

Banks and other debris weightless – it is safe to enter right into them.

Championship includes several races, differing conditions. There is a battle of the race, where every few meters in the air bubbles hanging from the arms. Self-guided and conventional missiles, all kinds of mines – an arsenal of small, but sufficient for his short stays lasting no longer than a couple of minutes. There are races in which the allotted time to complete three laps or break the record with the help of accelerators arranged everywhere. Second Cup offers rides Shootout (where at the end of each round the number of participants is reduced) and the pursuit of the only rival.

A trip for entertainment

Completed all the championships final battle for the cup, where for three races you need to score the most points. As soon as two cups of “cult classic” obtained can buy a car for street racing, and then move on to the supercar. Nothing prevents to buy them at once, but in this sense is not enough – there are cars too expensive and much more sense to be in the passage of the races and getting each of them three stars, issued in the first place. Unfortunately, it is limited to twelve vehicles. I would like to see more different variations, such as SUVs or something exotic, but you have to put up with poor garage.

Disappointing and the number of runs – their only five, each with four variations. They are cute and made with great attention to detail, but very quickly stale. It does not help and the above-mentioned weapons available in some modes. Even homing missiles slow down the opponent by only two seconds, after which he again picks up speed and going without errors. It looks fun but freezing, because of which the rival car is in a large block of ice and usually slides off the track.

Table Top Racing: World Tour game review

Stylish, but it does not help in the race.

weapons are useless leads to the fact that the playing is extremely hard to get ahead. Not here, and how to cut off the path – as the track is laid, so on it and have to go without touching the corners and gently enter the turns. Fortunately, the race rarely take more than one or two minutes, but sooner or later on what is happening on the screen will still begin to yawn.

On the other hand, improvements to the car are quite cheap, so you did not think about losing, and the previously mentioned problems. In each race, there seems to be a fixed complexity, and rivals do not change depending on the “pumping” of the player. So if you have a better machine presented is likely that by the second circle of the user breaks out ahead and leave the other racers have a chance. But is it fun, especially given the complete lack of dynamics and drive? More likely no than yes.

The same problem becomes much more annoying in multiplayer. If at first in the race involved eight players to the finish line will reach about half – the rest just leave the game, as will understand that they will not be able to win. Yes, and the race with live players are not much different from the championships with the participation of artificial intelligence. The reasons are the same: a banal driving from point to point, a weak weapon, quickly bored trails and much more. There is a feeling that the multiplayer launch exclusively for the trophy, issued twenty victories.