Minimalist for choice
As soon as we start the game, the first thing that strikes us at Superhot is the particular graphic style adopted. A minimalist style, made of white and black: white settings, black objects with which we can interact and our hands.
 The only other color present is red, that of the enemies: our opponents, in fact, will appear in the form of red silhouettes. This style, apparently bare, actually succeeds in being fully convincing: you do not feel the need for more graphic detail, indeed, the minimalism adopted makes it even easier to fall into playing action. By playing in person, the VR allows us a good dive, very effective especially when we see bullets approaching our virtual face.
The minimal style here also comes in handy for the game: you do not notice the old problem of high blur of most VR games because, in fact, there is no detail to blur, making the experience much more enjoyable compared to other titles for PS VR, which have instead tried to emulate the power of contemporary titles with a peripheral that at the time still has several limits to achieving the purpose. Since, during the game, it stays almost completely firm,Superhot is an enjoyable title for anyone, even for the weakest stomach.
Certainly, too long game sessions are not recommended, which may cause a feeling of tired sight or slight headaches; but the Superhot game structure , characterized by short sequences, is very well suited for short matches, making it easier to avoid the problem.
FPS or puzzle game?
It is not just the peculiar graphic style that distinguishes Superhot; gameplay, in fact, is definitely atypical in proposing a mix of FPS and puzzle game. What we will have to do, in fact, will be to eliminate the enemies inside a room: once they are eliminated, we will go to the next room.
It’s never necessary to move around: we can look around, grab items, including firearms and cuttings with which to hit our opponents. We can also steal their weapons when they are close enough, or hit them with a punch to send them to the carpet. A very arcade approach, therefore, and in fact the game is structured in short sequences of levels. What makes it really special, however, is the fact that time flows only when we move.
If an enemy shoots a shot, but the player stays motionless, the bullet will stand still, in the middle of the air, waiting for the hands to slide. As soon as we move our head in an attempt to move, or our hands in an attempt to grab an object, time will resume its incursion, and the bullet will approach us dangerously. It’s just a single shot to be eliminated, but the same goes for the opponents. That is whySuperhot becomes a puzzle game: the fulcrum of the game is to understand when to move or not, to figure out how to avoid each blow in order to respond to the fire. It is not as simple as it seems: just a slight movement to restart the time, and it is difficult to keep the nerves tight enough to remain completely still while he reflects with a bullet a few centimeters from his face.
This new formula works, resulting also incredibly fun thanks to intuitive dall’accoppiata offer VR PS and PS Move (you need two Move to play: perhaps exorbitant outlay), to the point that it would be impossible to imagine the game without them. 
And it’s strange because, actually, Superhot it is not a title born for VR, having been released on PC almost a year and a half ago without it. Once tested on PS VR, however, one can no longer imagine playing it without it, because our presence within the game becomes a cornerstone of experience: one thing is trying to stay motionless by limiting your interactions with the gamepad, the other thing is to stay physically immovable, without even moving your face to look around, such a natural and automatic gesture to be really difficult to avoid.
Even those who played the title on a PC would therefore have to give this version a PS VR version if they own the peripheral device: this is not a faded entry at the last minute but a new one that is capable of to completely revolutionize the gaming experience, making it even more fun, hectic and intense.