Embrace the darkness
Sundered tells the story of a mysterious and creeping terror that is identified as a cruel cataclysm of having ruined society and plunging the world into total madness. She is a treasure hunter who is overwhelmed by a strange storm that drags her into a cave, a place where lies the evil power that has destroyed the world centuries ago. It is the same power that once attracted an armed group of revolutionaries called Valkyrie, along with the Eschaton, of devious cultists who followed the teachings of a dark god.
Your adventure will start from a sort of ancient sanctuary, hub you will share every time you are killed and at the same time a free zone where you can make numerous upgrades through a tree of intricate abilities and rich in branching.
In addition to health-related improvements, the energy that allows you to roll away and avoid enemy assaults, resistance to the blows and the effectiveness of those injured, there are seven main abilities, each of which can be convertible into a power-enhanced version cursed. Among these, the possibility of double jumping, racing on the walls, a cannon that shoots a devastating ray and others that we leave you the pleasure of discovering.
Choosing whether to keep the basic or improved versions has any implications for gameplay,On the other hand, Sundered has been made for the most experienced players, for those who are not intimidated by frequent deaths and real challenges.Progress along the scenarios is in fact marked by the killing of monsters that will release useful materials to enhance Eshe, essential to not let themselves be taken away from the discomfort and frustration.
And obviously, it’s not a mystery that gaming is lurking with purpose just to make you die more and more times in order to make you stronger and more responsive to the challenges that will come before you.
It is therefore easy to imagine how much exploration is rewarded, because during the peregrinations between one area and another you might find yourself in corrupt treasures or sudden hordes, both of which are useful for accumulating points to spend in the sanctuary. In this regard, it is good to specify that this will be the only point you will resume at all times, and that there are therefore no intermediate rescue rooms.
Developers justify this choice by stating that metroidvania can include within them the procedural generation of environments, which can stimulate the player and favor a congenital backtracking to the gender without weighing it more than necessary.
Despite Sundered  has managed to find a good mix between proceduralities and immutable base structures, we explain why we disagree with this statement that he would like us to accept his most cautious limits in good faith.
Explore. Fight. Die. Upgrade.
Sunderedis a classic metroidvania composed of a solid skeleton game world, carefully developed by developers and offering areas that, starting from the sanctuary, expand to the root and widen to the three sides.
The map is ideally divided into square and rectangular cells, within which there are procedurally generated substructures, as are the enemy waves. If in the first case this casual and witty design level mix works discreetly (despite the end result being upward), the same can not be said for hordes, which show a bad balance of difficulty even to normal. You can understand it right away, when you are in front of barrier areas that most of the time will force you to follow other less unattractive roads.
Considering moreover that gigantic bosses and bosses should be approached with the figures of the proper character, Sundered lets you know that death is a habitual act that developers want to get used to, so that you can expand the tree of abilities and play more, thus stretching the broth artificially.