This meant that a new art style that would fit equally well, and mean both near and far. “I wish that inscriptions are easily read at a distance, and one of the ways to do this – to focus on form and shape. It is obvious that to see something is always easier if you give this a definite silhouette figures.

” In this regard, he said Busatti, the characters on the map will be enlarged proportions as compared to what we could see in Civilization 5, and thus they can be easily see at great distances. “Warriors are much larger.

They have a well-defined silhouettes, and in general they are big guys, and we still have to be smaller units, which are indeed also heroes, but smaller dimensions. So you can immediately identify who is the archer, and who – a warrior. ”

In addition, we promise the highest level of detail in the entire history of the series. For example, Busatti assures that the basic units will be very different from of Representatives of the other cultures, than in previous editions of Civilization. “We still have unique units for each country.

For example, there is a samurai that are unique to Japan. But the cultural influence will be felt in the form of simple units like spearmen. ”

How Firaxis rethink the artistic style of Civilization 6 - IGN First

Creating a whole collection depending on the area of ​​decorative details, Firaxis has introduces the decals that fit a particular country.

“You will still need to take this unit as a Lancer – it still need more space, and it still is an easily recognizable figure. But we decided to go ahead – shaped helmets, as well as the types of copies can be changed depending on the region where the native character.

We will also be in the presence of different color and characters of different nationalities. ” Busatti added that with these cosmetic subtleties will easily be able to experiment modders.

Game interface, according Busatti, has got its own unique style. “In the fifth part of the Civilization was beautiful interface – we were happy with how it turned out.

Art Deco perfectly fit into the overall styling of the game. But this time we wanted to create something new, and often an idea comes to our mind, which seemed just perfect – and I was surprised that we had not thought of it before – the aesthetics of the Age of Discovery. ”

How Firaxis rethink the artistic style of Civilization 6 - IGN First

It’s about time Hristofora Kolumba – XV and XVI centuries. It is expected that we will see such a need for the time attributes, such as a compass, the astrolabe, and everything else that is necessary for the research and discovery of new lands. It is very suitable for the aesthetics of a game like Civilization, especially in the early stages, when you are just beginning to study the map.

Busatti said that the above-mentioned items will not disappear even with the development of your civilization – the developers at Firaxis do not like to change the interface without the need, as this may confuse the players.

Elegant way this aesthetic will be transferred and the fog of war. “There will be different than in the fifth, in which byli clouds. Now unexplored territory look absolutely clean, they will only latitude and longitude coordinates “- Busatti said. – But once you start to their research, you start immediately to open new locations. The fog of war is not a darker version of the visible area, he now shows in the form of a map.

Thus, we use shaders, which form a stylish card, drawn with pen and ink. It looks really cool, and I can not wait to show it to you. And in the empty areas, we will hand-drawn boats and all sorts of pictures in style “and is home to dragons.” ”

Another important stylistic element, which boasts Busatti, is a reference in Civilization IV. “The game then met prerenderenye videos about wonders of the world, representing a kind of slow-motion from dawn to dusk.

It’s all very pleased, and we got a lot of comments on the topic of why in the fifth part of the series as a reward for the construction of these places, these videos were removed “, – remembered Busatti. –

So now we return them to the game. Wonders of the World will have intricate assembly sequence, so that from time to time you can watch the percentage of their availability, and the way they gradually acquire their desired form.

But when the construction is completed, you will be rewarded by that video – by the way, the time of day the world changed. So now it begins with the night until dawn, so you can watch as laid every brick until sunset.