Sudden Strike 4

You need a head, military tactics, and in that Sudden Strike 4proves to be a great strategy videogamein real time. It is not worth all against all nor charge directly against the opposing army. Each unit counts, each soldier, vehicle and bullet is a precious a


sset to which you must take full advantage if you want to achieve victory. This is war, a very challenging one, in which again and again you will mobilize your troops always looking for ways to surprise ruthless rivals. It’s what I like the most about this title that after years of absence brings back one of the great series of war strategy, without many new features! Yes, but doing what you know best: having fun.


At least most of the time then certain problems with artificial intelligence, especially that of the allies, muddies the gaming experience. Your troops are, too regularly, puppets who do not know very well how to act in a game where mistakes are


expensive. There is no resource management, no option to build bases and train new troops, so a lost battle can mean the end of the war. Your units are what they are, and with them and the few reinforcements that may come on rare occ


asions, you must deal with the taking of a town, the defense of a bridge, the conquest of bunkers or the complete annihilation of enemies. That is why the fact that the armored cars are blocked in the middle of a bridge, or that the toilets are not able to help their companions when a doctor beckons, generates a certain sense of frustration that ends up moving this title away from the greatest.


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Doctrines in times of war

I appreciate the good design of the nearly 20 missionsthat make up the three military campaigns carried out by allies, Soviets and Germans, both for the epic that is reached at specific moments of the game and, especially, for its way of making you value the life of the troops … and their resources. I said it before. Sudden Strike 4 is not a game of second chances; losing a ba

ttalion of soldiers because of poor planning can mean the end, but also leave the tanks without fuel or foolishly waste their ammunition. That is why you must act with caution; measure every step you take to avoid ambushes or the many traps that enemies will leave scattered across the battlefield. And although it sounds obvious, it is vital that the troops have a clear vision of the war scenario.


Sudden Strike 4 analysis

Play your cards well, destroy the enemies effectively, and you will get valuable medals that you can exchange for new improvements for the troops.

They will attack you from all positions, with bombs falling from the sky or machine gun fire that will emerge from among the wooded areas, and the only way to deal with it is to detect the enemies to strike first. Why do I tell you this? Basically for the t


anks, that have a limited line of vision, requiring the support of the infantry to control a greater extension of terrain. If they go alone, they will be easy targets even when one of their pilots uses the hatch to scan the horizon, because


an accurate shot can kill this officer, diminishing the response capacity of the armor. I love. I love the realism with which the skills of the different combat units under our command have been reflected, which are close to one hundred, although I miss more technical information on all of them, because they do not make clear what are their advantages, their weak points, ability to act, etc.


Sudden Strike 4 PC

It is a game of many contrasts

It seems a minor detail but in a video game that is so important for the good use of troops, it can become a problem when you bet on the highest level of difficulty. In the end everything is practical, fighting learn, but the initial compasses can become uphill for those less experienced in the war strategy. I do not like that the soldiers can not use the tanks as a

point of coverage . The infantry can hide in the undergrowth, or enter trenches, buildings and bunkers to attack enemies with greater security, but not so move forward to an armored, using them as a shield. It surprises me, to the bad, considering that yes they can climb on top of the tanks to travel faster through the battlefield.


Sudden Strike 4 PC

Sudden Strike 4

In addition to the challenge of getting three stars in each mission, you can face several challenges that involve fighting with less ammunition, fuel, etc.

One of the aspects that I like most about Sudden Strike 4 is that it allows you to configure the skills of your army with some freedom. In missions you can not choose with which troops you jump to the battlefield, but you can choose between three historical commanders for each army to gain certain tactical advantages such as a greater amount of explosives


by infantrymen, armored with sandbags for protect yourself better from enemy fire, greater attack power for aviation, etc. During the course of the battles, fulfilling certain tasks such as ambushing the enemies, attacking from the rear or healing the wounded without rest, we will obtain medals of value that at the end of the mission, can be exchanged for improv


ements framed in the novel system of doctrines that introduces this episode of the saga. I like it, because it gives you some freedom to customize your battalion, but it is not well explained what actions you must undertake, and to what degree, to obtain these precious points.


Sudden Strike 4 is a game of many contrasts. It does things well, it puts you fully into its action and makes you enjoy with emotion its strategic combats, but at the same time it presents some failures that are hard to live with. I am amazed by the recreation of some historical battles, such as Stalingrad, because you really feel in the middle of that hell of bullets and expl


osions. In addition, the videogame takes advantage of current technology, allowing you to create memorable scenes like an ambush in the middle of the street, with the ends cut by tanks that you have knocked down so that no one can escape alive from the place.


The use of mines, the importance of support vehicles, the option to build floating bridges, the demolition of buildings … it is easy to be enchanted with the intense action of this title of Kalypso Media,


Sudden Strike 4

Certain AI problems cloud the gaming experience

The maps, although they are recreated with pleasure, are sometimes too small, reducing the importance of exploration. The damage system, likewise, has not evolved much with respect to what we already knew: it can damage the chains of the tanks,

or detonate them with an accurate shot in your tank, but it knows little. And the worst is the multiplayer . There are few scenarios to
fight, too few, with a game system somewhat different from the campaign, because in these battles 4 vs 4 is pressing to conquer ports and strategic areas to receive supplies that overwhelm the opposing armies. The idea is good but the execution not so much, which ends up detracting charm from the video game.