The empire you thought was invincible collapses piece by piece, with astonishing rapidity, without even understanding how it happened


; how is it possible that so many hours of hard work, of researching new technologies, of erecting cities throughout the universe, can have such a dramatic end. Until you understand. It’s your fault, only yours, because in this vast science fiction universe, you write it; or rather, define your actions.


Every decision you make leaves its mark. You may not see it immediately, that years of subduing other peoples by brute force do not seem to have


negative consequences. And so it could be … if you play your cards well; although it is also possible that one day, when you least expect it, all those civilizations that you mistreated for so long say enough and rise up against you. That is


the greatness of Stellaris ; get you to feel inside an immense universe, always changing , that evolves realistically with each step you take. You


are not a simple observer; forms part of a great space epic with which the creators of Crusader Kings II have once again shown that they are real geniuses.



The last border

It is not the only virtue that treasures this great strategy game that makes it easy what in other titles of the style is a real nightmare. The management of the empire, the planetary exploration, the research of new technologies, the diplomacy … everything is there

, with the variety of options and depth that is required of this class of video games, but within the reach of a simple click. There are no convoluted men
us, no cumbersome textbooks, or anything that unnecessarily complicates the action. The user interface is, never better said, at the service of the player, who could hardly find a better tool to manage their domains.


Stellaris analysis

Creating your own civilization is one of the greatness of Stellaris. You choose aesthetics, your form of government, of thinking … and even how you travel through space!

Thank you, of course, because we are talking about a titanic task. Stellaris gives life to a huge universe that in the best of cases can hold up to a thousand different worlds! with dozens of civilizations wandering the stars. Each of these empires, moreover, ari


ses from randomness ; you never know who you will meet, much less what your thinking will be; if they are xenophobic, if they love war, if t


hey prefer peace, if they are dialoguers, if they just want to be left alone … and it is a curious situation, because in some way that “fear” in the face of the unknown creates a halo of Fascination that always drives you to keep going.


From parts of your homeworld with little less than a research ship until you colonize your first planet, make contact with aliens, and create a great star fleet in the style of Star Trek , you feel like a child who never ceases to be amazed before the imme

nsity of the cosmos. Each step you take always leads you to discover something new: other worlds to explore, other cultures with which to relate, other dangers to face … to the point that sometimes, you can feel vertigo; panic before


the infinite possibilities that are drawn on the horizon, beyond your last frontier. And we’re not going to cheat you, we love it.


Stellaris PC

You feel like a child who never ceases to be amazed at the immensity of the cosmos

We love to see how each action, however small, has its consequences in the future; and even more so that this universe through which we m

ove grows and evolves in such a way, so to speak, incredibly realistic . There have been times when we have felt like a god, by artificially evolving a pre-intelligent species , for a long time after suffering the most humiliating of defeats at the hands of those same beings that, at some point, we reached consider our children.


The story we live in first person is written step by step, decision after decision, with a surprisingly good narrative pulse . You act, carry forward your empire, and little by little dozens, hundreds of missions that feel perfectly integrated into the action


 arise . More than that. They flow naturally; If they appear, it is because they have a direct relationship with something you have done, and they invite you to explore in that direction. An example. During one of our trips we came across a


 primitive worldthat aroused the interest of scientists. We decided to establish an observation post to study their evolution, in principle without interfering in their tasks, although we could also. And in the end we did it. How not to do it if that town we had been analyzing for some time was going to die because of a meteorite.



Stellaris PC

The management of the planets is similar to the Civilization saga. You build buildings, that you can improve, and you assign them workers, to whom you must feed and make happy.

We send our star fleet, we destroy the asteroid, and so happy! Although we could also have let it end with them and end of the story. Stellaris always gives you the option to choose, in many cases with moral decisionshard to forget. You can infiltrat


e primitive worlds to guide their evolution in the desired direction, or you can use science to genetically improve people; enslave whole worlds, bomb planets until exterminate life in them, purge a civilization and replace its inhabitants with robots th


at work without question … and even give the right to decide these same androids !, at the risk of suffering the wrath of citizens . We already said it before, this universe does not stop growing and evolving; not surprising, so the first hours of play are always the best.


When you do not know anything beyond your planetary system, every minute is gold, because you always discover something new. The pas


sing of the hours ends a little with this magic, because the action can become non-tedious, but excessively slow ; There are sections of the game in which nothing happens, because your job is to settle the empire more than to expand its borders. Al


though everything ends, even this blip, and Paradox keeps the best surprises for the end; when certain cataclysms and random events come into play that awaken you from the lethargy of a punch. And we will not say more; better discover it for yourself.