Strike under the slogan #BlackLivesMatter: Google and EA canceled their presentations, Sony is next in line?

U.S. unrest caused by death George Floydmay have a negative impact on the entertainment industry.

Recall, due to the tough actions of a police officer in Minneapolis Derek Chaven African American detained by him George Floyd died. The incident provoked unrest throughout the country, and in the state of Minnesota for the first time since World War II, the United States National Guard was completely mobilized.

Movie stars and famous game developers and journalists actively commented on the situation. As a result, the network launched a PR campaign in support of the movement #BlackLivesMatter. So, Netflix, Hulu, Disney Marvel, Bethesda, Amazon, HBO, Sony and other companies have expressed support for the protesters. Warner bros altogether temporarily changed the logo, and the platform account HBO Max on Twitter is now called #BlackLivesMatter.

The companies did not stop there, as a result, it can negatively affect the business. So, the publisher Electronic arts canceled the presentation of the game scheduled for June 1 Madden NFL 21. The company did likewise. Googlewho intended this week to hold a dedicated Android Event

Because of this, the senior editor of the publication The verge Tom Warren already expressed concern, what Sony may review their presentation plans Playstation 5.

It is also interesting that the Disney studio was embarrassed again. She was reminded how, for the sake of Chinese distribution, from the movie posters “Star Wars: The Force Awakens“black character disappeared Finnbut on the poster “Black panther“the main character was covered with a mask.

Separately, we can note the studio Naughty dog, which also published a statement that cannot be commented on.

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