Street Fighter Producer Yoshinori Ono Retires From Capcom – Igromania

Veteran Capcom Yoshinori Ono unexpectedly announced about his leaving Capcomwhere he worked for almost 30 years.

According to Ono, he worked on development for a long time. Street fighter in both its best and worst times. The producer even noted a period when the fighting game practically did not exist. The episode may not have been considered dead then, but it certainly didn’t matter to the publisher.

Yoshinori Ono seriously lit up in public at the exit Street fighter iv in 2008, of which he was appointed executive producer. Since then, the fighting game is often associated with him – in fact, he led the brand.

Until 2008, Ono worked in smaller roles on Street Fighter III, Devil May Cry, Onimusha, Resident Evil: Outbreak and Dead Rising, and after – on Street Fighter X Tekken, Darkstalkers Resurrection, Street Fighter V, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite and Deep Down. None of them became truly successful, and they decided to freeze the almost finished Deep Down.

Capcom is rumored to be unhappy with Yoshinori Ono’s work. Moreover, early developments Street fighter vi was also coolly appreciated by the company, after which the publisher decided to expand support for the fifth part and revise plans for the next part.

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