Stranger Things

If you love the nerd culture then you’ve certainly fallen into the vortex of love for Stranger Things , the very original Netflix series quoting in its interior a lot of icons of our past by video game players but not only. From table games to the iconic films of the eighties, the show is a mixture of hymns to the past reworked and inserted in a modern context that really works great. To promote the release of the second season, Netflix thought it good to release a free mobile game (Android and iOS) called Stranger Things: The Game .
It’s basically an action / adventure with a dungeon crawler splash set in the serial world; aesthetics is typical of eighty-one video games due to the realization in pixel art accompanied by fantastic chiptune notes. In short a small pearl is absolutely not to be missed: here are our impressions.
Return to Hawkins
Once the game starts, we will be in front of the screen for the selection of the difficulty, the choices will be two: normal and classic. In essence, the first will be slightly easier, while the second vaguely more punitive. Our advice is to play in classic mode, certainly the most fun and challenging.
Going beyond, we find that Stranger Things: The Gameis subdivided into chapters just like the TV series and will put us in the shoes of sheriff Hooper, in charge of rediscovering missing children; we are obviously talking about the protagonists of the show.
Stranger Things: The Game, the most moving 80s mobile game review ever
The adventure will take you to some of the most iconic places in the series; from the Laboratory to the Sottosopra, to understand.
The peculiarity of this title is to be divided into dungeons, eight for the precision that will each time put in front of several environmental puzzles that once resolved will allow us to access the Dungeon key areas. Different types of enemies, different types of approach and different settings, in short a title that looks very complete and orphan of any kind of shortcut that can be made from any micro-transactions. It’s free, it’s fun and we’ll also be able to visit the whole Hawkins town thanks to a map of great magnitude.
Stranger Things: The Game, the most moving 80s mobile game review ever
Ending the different levels will also mean recovering all the missing kids who will immediately join our party. It will be possible to instantly change the character to be controlled, each of which has unique skills that combined with the other will allow us to overcome the various environmental puzzles by completing the dungeon and beating the boss in turn. There is also a small system of collectors that once collected will entitle us to the vision of an exclusive trailer of the second season of Stranger Things. The game is so curious, funny and all in variety.
Stranger Things: The Game, the most moving 80s mobile game review ever
The only defect lies in a slight repetitive factor, not so environmental (the scenarios are really beautiful, there is nothing to tell) as well as mechanical: the very basic gameplay (tap to walk / tap to interact) risks bore and to play for inertia. We therefore recommend that you enjoy this little pearl for mobile phones and snacks: indulge in a maximum hour session and then resume later in the day. In this way the fun is assured. Finally we remind you that if you are a fan of shows like Stranger Things, then remember to visit our movie and tv series daily : you will find reviews, insights, news and more!