On the contrary, it immediately sets the fighter hellish pace. We teleport in the “waiting room” space ship “Icarus”, where you can choose one of three “guns” – a machine gun, shotgun, or “railgun” – and rushed.

Shots paint the walls red and explosions throw right and left sides in the gut and spare parts, from enemies to take your hands, head bounce, monsters and robots piled crowd – only manage to maneuver so recharged.

The main thing – to kill them all, and then get to the elevator to be transported to the next level, which unfolds, in general, a similar representation.

While many moments like picking up weapons on the move seem familiar, Strafe throws an original perspective on the dogma of the 90’s. Of the opponents defeated pours scrap metal, which can be processed on the benches into something useful – for example, in the ammunition or armor box. Medications (for them here fast food) produces bolted to the wall machine – first aid kit here do not roll anywhere.

Robot in a box helps to improve weapons – for example, casts a shotgun or grenade launcher makes your gun shoot mines Velcro and needles in the carcass detonating mutant.

Out of ammo – beat butt. Or, pick up and throw enemies explosive barrels. You do not know how to get from location, – Break the boxes where certain hidden key. However radical the total cost developers with the spacecraft architecture.

If you pull the lever on the right, instead of the standard three “guns” open secret that destroys everything.

Halls and “Icarus” corridors are randomly generated, so each successive set at something different from the previous one. Otherwise, sprayed acid puddles, another device from the gallery around the well to draw the line at the bottom, the door is moved from place to place, not a bench at the beginning and towards the end of the path.

That, however, does not stop the game to screw “Easter eggs,” everything in the world – from Wolfenstein 3D to the relatively recent Superhot . That is the atmosphere in STRAFE reigns playful, and that’s good.

purely neighing

With the rest, alas, is not set. If Dzhon Romero (John Romero) industry accustomed to the fact that the creation of levels in action films – is an art, the designers of the Pixel Titans just laughed in his face.

By levels of ingenuity STRAFE do not go to any comparison with what we saw in the Doom and the Quake . They are something artful memorized: where is cool “gun” as monsters marking out of that door, and where to go in order to gain a tactical advantage.

Here, such thoughts are not overwhelmed. All the same, the path will be a workbench. All the same, the path will be the food. The only caveat, seriously conscious player – as if opponents are not caught in a dead end.

The technical side of things, too, leaves much to be desired. As you mutants shooting through closed doors? Or the fact that the difference between the “trunk” is felt only on the damage?

But such is the general place of indie games, in which it is difficult to see where a bug here, and where the “feature”.

For example, a pop-up of wall texture behind the enemy of the protagonist – is as hardcore for the hardcore, or the result of mistakes programmers? And where watching the game designers, the ban to keep the progress?

It provides only one option – or do not die, either pass all over again. Of course, we asked for a little spirit of the 90’s, but not that much.

And is it possible in this situation get out jokes like a meticulous calculation of gallons of spilled blood and training, where there is a clip from a live actor in a mini-skirt?