Almost there are no limits. If you can see it, you can visit it. The game itself warns you about it. There is an official route, a pre-established route, but nobody forces you to follow that path. Break the rules! Follow your instinct, that in the Alps, the brave ones have a much better time. A great idea, the holy grail for any sports fan, but that does not end up working as well as we would like


. It’s fun, of course, because there are few sensations more rewarding than sliding down a steep slope without really knowing what awaits you at the end of the journey; but as I explain in this review, Steep lacks a bit more complexity in his action. After a few hours, however great it sounds to live your own adventure, the experience becomes somewhat monotonous.


Steep / Launch Trailer


Exciting, yes, but not always

It is surprising to speak in these terms when this is a videogame that, first of all, gives you the option to practice four sports , which in the coming months will be more with the arrival of additional content . However, although in general terms you have a good time with any of them

, there are challenges that are fun and others that simply do not. The paraglider, for example, is a rewarding experience; It is great to enjoy the
views, to explore more easily the mountain peaks, but beyond that does not finish to satisfy expectations. It is curiously the most complex sport, because it takes into account the air currents to boost the flight, but Ubisoft does not do much to explain it, nor are the tests that are considered a divertimento worthy of mention.


Steep analysis

The view in first is very spectacular, but little useful in the playable. Tide over the account, so we’ll reserve it for replays.

When you get on a snowboard or bet on skiing , two practically identical tests, the thing improves … although with nuances. The sensation of speed, the acrobatic jumps and the own open design of the tracks is great; It’s hard not to get excite


d when you descend the mountain like a bullet. But there is a problem, the control system, which is not as accurate as it should be. At least it has been frustrating for me on more than one occasion. Especially when you jump, you try to perfo


rm a caper, and the athlete stays stiff as a stick because, they say, you have acted late. Well, no! I have done just what was expected, a


nd the reaction has not been the desired one. And look what I practiced; but nothing, I’m still there, sometimes suffering this terrible inaction. Something that, of course, has consequences when you look for the best possible score in the acrobatics tests.


Nor does the physics engine convince me . In general the sensations on the snow are good, but there are moments when the character does not finish responding well to certain surfaces: when crossing with rocks or a more irregular terrain of the account, for example, begins to float and jump strange way, greatly complicating its handling. Also when performing acrobatics your response is not always entirely good, so there will be times when, for some or other reasons, you end up hitting your face on the ground. Is comic. Although it hurts to see you laugh because there are cakes that deserve to be recorded, but when this happens continuously the joke loses the grace … and this happens to Steep.



There is a wide variety of cosmetic items that we can buy with the money with which we are rewarded throughout the game, or overcoming specific challenges.

There are many good things to extol. Experience, as such, is practically unique in the genre. I do not remember any sports video game that offers you such freedom of action; let you loose for a wide open world so you can enjoy as you want this great ad


venture. The problem, despite the passion of the idea, is that it bores within a few hours. The action is very simple and the game, in general, too monotonous . The challenges it poses are mostly bland evidence. They lack the emotion of other titles like SSX or the classic 1080 ° of Nintendo 64, and this ends up taking its toll.