SteamWorld Heist

What happens when you combine in one project Worms , XCOM , robots, neon signs and stylish hats? The answer is simple – SteamWorld Heist , one of the most exciting games of the year that the British The Daily Mirror even called a work of art.

SteamWorld Heist game review

On some missions you can take only one or two men, and some are special tests for the most experienced and brave.

Robots are dying for water! 

Something like that from the studio Image & Form we expected. Her previous work, SteamWorld Dig , in 2013, became the undisputed hit, gathering a lot of awards and nominations.

And it was done by failsafe recipe: we take ideas from other games, creatively processed, add impeccable style and design, perfect balance and study of all the elements, and then it all fits in the original steampunk universe, full of humor, irony and fun robots.

SteamWorld Heist is made in the same way and in the same universe, but this time it’s not platformer- “digger”, while reminding Digger and Metroid , and turn-based strategy in the spirit of Wormsand with some impurity XCOM .

Protagonists again become fun Steamboat, but the action takes place not in the world, and in space. Moreover, the planet shattered into fragments, many robots have settled on them to extract water – a key resource, because basically it is a couple of runs and the stimpankovsky world.

For water hunting smugglers, bandits, and only Royal Space Force use diesel and are trying to establish their own order everywhere.

Hiding from them, seasoned web smuggler – Captain Piper Faraday and its pilot fly away to a distant sector, on the outskirts, where many mercenaries, adventurers and other dubious figures, eager for water.

Soon Piper faces the threat of a far more serious than the Royal Space Force – on the outskirts of the residents, their ships and stations start attacking half-mad aggressive Steamboat gang “lronburg” who not only steal water, but local and kidnap. They call each other cousins ​​and cousins ​​and ever remembers a mother who, as it turns out, is a sort of Dr. Frankenstein and collecting robots from the broken parts to form an army. And as usual, to stop the “glands” on forces only to us.

SteamWorld Heist game review

Well this game is not to fall in love?

The crew battle

, however, one does not manage Piper – needs new fighters and mercenaries. Initially her side, shoulder to shoulder fighting only “free” Steamboat sailor, veteran whaler. And then may others not to join less colorful, comrades – and then mechanical farmer who has run away from the rural hinterland in search of adventure and earnings, and a robot circus of Ivanski family, who never parted with his dumbbells, and even an elderly gray-haired Steamboat with vibrating conveyor and a sniper rifle.

Find mercenaries can be mostly filled with neon bars, where robots drink, relax and listen to the gorgeous music – a mix of jazz and country music from the group Steam Powered Giraffe. There you can buy not only the weapons, first aid kits, armor, but also a stylish hat, on which everything is just crazy – well, as you know, with humor and irony in SteamWorld Heist okay.

We hire new fighters or water, or for reputation points – and they both earned for the successful completion of missions that need to be selected on a global sector map. And our wards led by Piper earn experience points, and with each new level, get new abilities and become stronger, faster and healthier. At the same skills, weapons and specialization at everyone. Some people prefer sniper rifles, someone better firing a shotgun at the forefront, and circus Ivanski, for example, vehemently Babakhan a grenade launcher.