“Steam lacks such games, and PlayStation 4 is already out of date”: A petition has appeared to port Ghost of Tsushima to PC

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On the site Change.org a petition was posted requesting porting to PC released last Friday exclusive for Playstation 4 samurai action Ghost of tsushima from the studio Sucker Punch Productions

The petitioner who introduced himself as an American publisher James smith indicates that the PC is sorely lacking projects dedicated to the history and culture of Japan. He also complained that Japanese developers themselves often ignore PCs as a gaming platform.

“Please consider porting this game to PC so that people who can’t afford a Playstation 4 can enjoy it. This game looks really cool and it would be a shame if some of the potential audience can’t buy or play it, because doesn’t have a prefix available, ”the petition says.

At the moment, the petition has already collected 5,893 signatures. The prospect of Ghost of Tsushima coming out on PC does not seem hopeless to many of the commentators under the appeal, since adventure action will be released on personal computers on August 7 Horizon zero dawn… Sony has become more open towards PCs in general.

Some users also write that they would love to buy a PlayStation 4 for the sake of Ghost of Tsushima, if it came out earlier, but now the prefix is ​​already going to its sunset.

“It looks great, but there is no point in buying an outdated PlayStation 4,” one user wrote.

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