Steam Halloween Sale is now live with scary-good deals

In addition, there are a lot of episodes in the add-ons that will put you in the “legendary” killer culture horror, including Halloween Chapter at 4,89 € (30% off). This DLC includes Michael Myers personally, along with Laurie Strode, and you can fight for survival or be the executioner in their old hometown, Haddonfield.

On the same wavelength we also find Friday the 13th: The Game at 18.49 € (50% off). If you prefer the official license this is a title to consider, but unfortunately IllFonic’s work is hampered by some technical issues and is generally still to be reviewed (developers are, in any case, supporting it). Here too, there are plenty of additional content that is more or less crowded to recreate even more the spirit of Halloween slasher film, such as the Spring Break 1984 costume pack at $ 1.99. On the merits of adventures, this Steam betting round offers some interesting choices. Let’s start with Resident Evil 7 , the last effort of

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Capcom . Steam offers you 24.99 € (50% off) in its basic edition, and 48.98 € (39% off) in the Deluxe Edition including all additional content. It’s never too late to stay up to date with the saga, and this is the ideal episode for a night of terror .

Always in the category of “games to pretend to be scared to make a fun scenes” we have: Amnesia Collection at 3.19 € (90% off) with which you bring home A Machine for Pigs and The Dark Descent; the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise available at € 7.35 (80% off) that includes the five episodes of the series; the various Outlast discounts, with the first episode at 3.99 € (80% off) and the DLC Whistleblower at 1.79 € (80% off), Outlast 2 at € 16.79 (40% off) and Outlast Trinity at 20.31 € (64% off) in case you want to make the collision.

Small parentheses for virtual reality holders. Among the titles we have a couple of titles: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR at 5.78 € (80% off) which is certainly not terrifying but has a great atmosphere; Emily Wants to Play , a delirium to take home for € 1.99 (60% off). Returning to adventures a bit more “grabbed”, for refined palates and those who want to have a tone on this holiday, we point to SOMA , the fantasy horror adventure set in the Atlantic Ocean abyss, a great title that brings home for 6 , 99 € (75% off). Alien Isolation

The SpazioGames (and Steam) signed out of the SpazioGames video game halls

, a title that is always advised and advisable, very cautious and well done that it goes away with 11.09 € (70%), but far cheaper is the Alien: Isolation Collection, which gives you the full experience of the Creative title Assembly with a few extra pounds, or 13.79 € (70% off).

In preparation for The Evil Within 2 , you could also recover the first adventure of detective Castellanos. The basic edition of The Evil Within costs € 9.99 (50% off), but also to Alien: Isolation I strongly recommend bundle with DLCs (which are very important to understand sequel events), which costs 12 , 49 € (50% off). We close the adventures round with some productions for even more refined palates, almost for a few I dare say. Get Even at £ 14.99 (50% off), a thriller adventure

The SpazioGames (and Steam) signed out of the SpazioGames video game halls

with a very particular narrative premise. Black mercenary takes a journey in the depths of his mind to find out the truth behind a very vivid memory: the attempt to help a teenage girl with a chest-related bomb.

By staying in the field of psychology, Layers of Fear is another production that suits you if the jumps and the horror cramp are not in your strings. The title is a psychedeli chorror strongly centered on history and exploration in a Victorian villa constantly changing, as a painter, obsessed with ending his masterpiece. Steamit gives you 4,99 € (75% discount), with DLC instead of 5,37 € (75% off).