Starcraft Remastered

Now, it is clear: the second decade of the new millennium is the skinned and upgraded version of the 1990s in all sectors. From music to cinema, obviously for television, the media are invaded by zombies who come back to life, from film re-releases that they did not frankly feel the need or the protagonists of the trash trash side of the little screen brought in by something who was born as a joke.
 The rehabilitation of Sarabanda and Enrico Papi is one of those things that we must explain and justify to our grandchildren. The trend does not spare even video games, but if the reproposition of the already seen in other forms of entertainment takes on often dramatic comedies, in the case of our favorite pastime things have gone (almost) always better. Leaving aside the sad case ofMighty No.9 , the great sales and reviews of Crash Bandicoot: N.
Sane Trilogy and Sonic Mania are right there to show how much the users are still hungry for great classics. With Starcraftthe issue is a bit different: the star of the historic RTS that conquered Blizzard in the Olympus of software houses has never been eclipsed and, thanks to the phenomenon of eSport and a community never satisfied, the title remains one of the reference points for the eastern market, one of those games where, if you meet the Korean Korean in turn, you can only write GG after a few minutes spent collecting resources on the map.
 The years pass for everyone, and despite having remained on the ridge for almost twenty years – the first chapter came out in 1998 – even Starcraft needed a lifting, a rethink that would make the title aesthetic, without altering its essence . This is exactly Starcraft Remastered .
Starcraft Remastered: A classic review ever set
Reverse the clock hands
Starcraft Remastered is a 1: 1 scale re-edition that includes the original Starcraftand expansion that definitely consecrated its success, Brood of War , for good and for evil including defects . And there are so many.
After years of returning to dressing Zerg, Terran and Protoss in their first incarnation, he created a short circuit in the mind of those who spent hours and hours over two decades ago in what is still one of the best sci-fi sags: the game mechanics are not aging properly, so many design barriers force you to click like obsessions on the mouse and the will not to apply all the improvements introduced with Starcraft IIthe purity, the limitations, the defects and even the ingenuity of the first chapter of the saga emerge more forcefully.
Do not cite the curses drawn in front of the screen as the troops wander around the map according to their bizarre cravings because of a very problematic pathfinding would be an unpardonable omission of omission, as well as not listing the many castrations that nowadays seem to dir little anachronistic: the maximum number of controllable troops is limited to the twelve figure, forget about the automatic management of resource collection through the use of rally points, while coexistence with a small number of slots for training queues forces the player returning frequently to the buildings of his own faction.
Starcraft Remastered will equate a journey within a time machine, where masterminds are the microgestion and the frenzy of having to continually impart orders and movements to almost every single troop.
Despite these loyalties, Starcraft Remastered works, especially since over the years, thanks to the persistence of the title on the eSport stage, all of these clusters have become real playing elements to live with: you know that Terran’s marines will go straight into a Zerg’s nest because they do not want to follow the path you’ve dictated, but that’s fine, so it is and always will be.
A warning must be made: Starcraft Remastered, also because it is closely tied to its past, does nothing to meet the player and the historical legacy returns a hardcore hard work with a rather steep learning curve if you take it down.