Star Wars’s Kylo Ren and Dawns Bliss outfit added to Fortnite – review

Company Developers Epic games as part of a crossover with Star Wars added into your royal battle Fortnite outfit Kylo Ren. The Adam Driver played the sequel trilogy of the Supreme Leader of the First Order.

Matching items along with the decoration on the back of the “Battle Cloak of the First Order” and the pickaxe “Vibro-braid”, modeled on the weapons of the Knights of Ren, are already available in the in-game store.

Also in the item store appeared equipment, decoration on the back and a hang glider (bomber type “Y”) of the new franchise character – Zori Bliss. In the ninth episode of Star Wars, she was played by Keri Russell.

The authors note that the store replenished with the above news on the occasion of the release of the film Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise”, which is already going on in Russian cinemas. Previously at Fortnite appeared equipment of the imperial attack aircraft.