Star Conflict celebrates Isaac Asimov’s centenary – review

Studio Stargem and publishing house Gaijin entertainment released massive update 1.6.5 to the space online action movie Star conflict. It is called “New threat”And with its appearance, a number of new gaming events were opened to the players.

The title event, “The New Threat,” is dedicated to alien invasion in the “Outer Space” mode. Players need to repel their advance, not allowing them to settle in the sector. As soon as the Aliens capture the location, normal activity will cease on it: it will be impossible to collect resources and fight for territories.

One of the aggressors will be an incredibly powerful and tenacious Crystalline Destroyer. He acts like a world boss, appearing in a random location. Players can take several hours to destroy it, while its health scale is the same for all sectors. And for the victory they give rare awards, seed chips for the ship.

In our reality, January 2, 2023 marks the hundredth anniversary of the birth of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov. And in the world of Star Conflict, 2700 years have passed since then. And for the anniversary of the creator of the three laws of robotics in the game will be a special event “New Foundation”.

The operation consists of 40 stages and will last until January 29. Access to all stages and rewards will be only for those who bought a special pass. But players who decide to save money will still be able to get new portraits, parts for the Marten and Hammerhead ships, sets of stickers, decor and painting, as well as the special title Leader of the Foundation.

For more information about special events and other innovations of the 1.6.5 update, see official website.