Splatoon 2

It hurts the ink more than the sword
Splatoon 2 for Nintendo represents the opportunity to point to a competitive audience, as has already been seen by the company itself during the very first reveal of the new console. The network infrastructure for online gambling needs important titles th
at can entice the player to subscribe to the monthly subscription, from now on.
During the Treehouse Live event, where we had the opportunity to see the game more closely, the company has repeatedly told us how, to improve a game that had already received public and critic favors, it was necessary to listen to the
community suggestions. The changes that will be made to some weapons are therefore the result of careful analysis aimed at satisfying the players and improving the metagame balance ; the
only weapon they claimed was not touched at least was the “Splattershot” (“Sparacor”), the “standard” weapon of the game; a choice made to give veteran players a weapon with which to feel immediately familiar, while providing an easy-to-use option for new arrivals.
Splatoon 2
New weapons, new strategies
In the demo version, only one new Splat Dualies has been shown in the main weapon: these are two very quick guns, which allow ou
r Inkling to roll in whatever direction we want. This new feature allows us not only to recalibrate our aim, which becomes less precise d
epending on what we are shooting but also become unpredictable during a 1 vs 1 collision. A weapon that has been heavily advertised and whose team is obviously satisfied , to the point of showing a replica on stage during the presentation of the Switch. New special weapons have also been shown: the Inkjet, which all
ows Inkling to fly over a period of time and shoot from above, then return it to the original position when it is finished (so be careful about potential camping by the opponents); Sting Ray, who shoots ink across the surrounding area, even t
hrough the walls; the Splashdown, a leap covering the area around our Inkling Inkling, usable even in mid-air and during a super jump (when we teleport to an ally); Finally, Try Missiles, a series of missiles
that go straight to the Inklings opponents and are very difficult to avoid. air and during a super jump (when we teleport close to an ally); Fi
nally, Try Missiles, a series of missiles that go straight to the Inklings opponents and are very difficult to avoid. air and during a super jump (when we teleport close to an ally); Finally, Try Missiles, a series of missiles that go straight to the Inklings oppon
ents and are very difficult to avoid.Gameplay seemed to us the same as ever, despite the small patches, so that those familiar with the game should not have any particular difficulty in incorporating the sequel.
The particular structure of Wii U, and therefore the configuration of the controls availab
le in the original version, made marginal modifications and a less invasive practical action on gaming dynamics. 
The map, for example, that appeared in the original only on Gamepad, will only be visible after pressing a button; there does not seem to be a mini-screen on screen and you will keep your eyes away from action, though no longer looking down at another screen.
On the contentious talk, apart from the widespread expansion of the number of customization elements as well as weapons and gadgets, useful to make the ecosystem of online games more dynamic, we know that a single-player mode we have not recalled Much if history does not take place two years after the original and we will see the most popular characters directly from the first chapter.
Splatoon 2
Our Test with Switch ( edited by Matteo “Buddybar” Bussani)
Splatoon 2 was our first contact with Switch during the test in London for the official presentation of the console. We tried the game in the Handheld configuration, with the default set controls with aiming through gyroscope and accelerometer.
Without too much indecision, we directly selected the pair of guns as the main weapon, and we soon found ourselves painting the map, spotting enemies here and there. The feeling was great, thanks to the innovative vibration made by Joy-con
HD Rumble. Perhaps the only thing to do is relative to analog asymmetry in this particular configuration, which has given the impression of requiring a higher degree of custom to have full control over each key.
Familiarity with mechanics, on the other hand, has been surprising, due to the fact that it is still in continuity with the first chapter, but we also let the idea of ​​being in front of a Deluxe version, in the example of Mario Kart, which is not a real one.