When Pong becomes an action
The goal of the game is very simple: you have to try to send the ball into the opponent’s net and the winner is the one who can reach a
certain number of points before your opponent. Operation is very similar to the classic video game, Pong, but strengthened by a small dose action: we will not control simple “bars,” but a real character; to repe
l the ball we will be able to position ourselves with our body or to spin an attack, in turn loaded or normal. Using the attack we can use the analog stick to give the ball the effect (choose to point it in a direction), the same as for the loaded shot, which might also affect its speed depending on the angle and the angle power given by our shot. We can also make a roll in order to position us faster in a particular position, indicated move to recuperate in the e
xtreme. At some levels you will also be able to find power-ups to get temporary benefits, such as a potion that will enlarge our character or boots that will make us quicker; these are a fun variation and we would have liked their presence on all levels of play,
with a possible chance of turning them off.The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening , Title Released on Game Boy; it is no coincidence that the main character of the game from Lyn’s name is a clear quote.
In company is better
The developer has never tried to hide it: SpiritSphere is an experience mainly designed for multiplayer, so all those players who are looking for a lightweight experience but playing alone will probably be disappointed by this title; a single play
er mode is still present and also represents the fastest way to get coins to unlock (randomly) the various extra content but is very repetitive and will likely tire the player in a short time.
There is therefore no campaign or history, but only opponents controlled by the CPU, in some cases particularly aggressive, to be defeated. If you fail at one of the levels, you will be deducted some of the coins you earn; considering that the mai
n reason for playing this campaign is just to earn them, we would have preferred that we should be given the opportunity to break the challenge by keeping the coins currently earned, and to steal them only if we really want to continue with the challenge; we believe this would have helped the rewritability of the title and would also have made the ‘ operati
on less frustrating than it already is. There are 7 playable (and unlockable) characters in all, with a single charge loaded for each of them; on the one hand it helps to offer a bit of variety to the game, but on the other it shows serious balancing problems, with some skills
quite strong in comparison to others (for example, an ability to suck the ball nearby and hold it until the button is released, and another will allow the character to multiply).We must also report that the multiplayer, being the best and most enjoyable part of the game, is only available locally: there is no online mode , which further limits the options for those who want to play alone.