Spider-Man, Trailer Analysis

A spider in Paris
During the E3 this year, Sony surprised the audience by showing a very short section of Spider-Man gameplay  Although the massive presence of the QTEs (Quick Time Events) was evident, the show seemed to convince everyone of the potential of this title, capturing t
he fans’ attention and leaving them with the curiosity to learn more and more. Using the conference at the opening of Paris Games Week , the Japanese company has also revealed a teaser this time more cinematic than not lacking in action, cutscenes and some moments of apparent gameplay. A trailernot only
beautiful to see but that, if carefully observed, it also shows us some details of what we can expect in the full game. We can observe, for example, the transformation of Martin Li into Mr Negative , which will be one of the main villains of the game, and that is also shown in combat against Spider-Man in different scenes, including one inside a running train. In another scene, however , Shocker was revealed , which for the occasion also received a particularly appealing redesign of the costume; how
ever, it remains to be understood how much space it will receive in the game, as it is shown only for a few seconds. Let’s not forget about the presence of Kingpin, which is shown in the trailer during his arrest, and a Norman Osborn mayor candidate: it will be particularly interesting to understand the importance of the latter and to know whether he will also become the Goblin in this case or if he will have a different role.
Spider-Man, Trailer Analysis
Not just Spider-Man
The attention of this teaser trailer , however, is not limited to the spider man (or his opponents): the scene is in fact granted most of the time to  Peter Parker  in his everyday life and without his iconic costume. There are several cutscenes dedicated to him and the gameplay phases in which we will dress these unusual clothes.
This is so an attention to the “human” si
de of the superhero often ignored, even comprehensibly, by other teams that have worked on the character, but which represents Insomniac’s clear will to make justice to Spider-Manfrom every point of view, so as to be as close as possible to the comic and cinematic counterparts known and loved by the general public.
And the surprises have not ended here, because Parker may not be the only controllable person: during a scene that shows a bank robbery, the camera moves to a third personcuriously to Mary Jane, Peter’s girlfriend, let’s guess (but not pointing directly to the trailer) that
she could take control during some gameplay sessions, before going back to Spider-Man control; If this is confirmed, it will be interesting to see where and how these transitions will be used and how they will help the player to identify themselves in the story. For example, if this technique is also used for Miles Morales , he is also briefly shown in the trailer and becomes Spider-Man in another Marvel universe, he will certainly play an important role in the story.