Space Food Truck

Why do I suddenly decided to write about a modest indie game (and even after just a couple of weeks to  review in the Gremlins, Inc. )?

After 40 hours in the “Gremlins” I wanted something new, so I decided to continue to watch the collective stream Total Bisquit, where they are cut in the company board and card games.

After almost a day staring straight all editions of hilarious games to Secret Hitler (and they look harder than most thrillers), I stumbled on a test flight of the company on the space van with a trailer, delivering delicious meals in any part of the galaxy.

Write about it I wanted to because a lot of indie games, TCG including, but not everyone can be interested in this, to offer something new and clearly explain the thrill of the new.

Space food truck won me first of all its integrity: the visual, narrative and gempleynoy. Far not every game can turn a set of abstract rules in something so intuitive and easy.

The first catches the eye Kawainui characters, lamp atmosphere of imminent death and amusing world of the future, something reminiscent of “Futurama.”

Or universe of Alisy Seleznevoy, if you like, cook – all poured out Gromozeka that mean that in nature. Deliberately mundane mission our heroes – not to save the universe, as a small business, the usual fast food with a hyperdrive – does not diminish the interest, but rather the lack of pathos and charm “of the middle class way of life in the 31st century.”

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Trailer for the official release

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Like any story can be here? Four friends on the wagon and carried about preparing orders on their heads were falling trouble at every turn, they attack the pirates and alien invaders, parasites overwhelm space and monsters, meteorites and space debris.

But even through the occasional notice accompanying the game events, the game still manages to draw a graceful strokes curious world and breathe life into it.

The four-chef, who can not dance, because it carries the entire ship, hand-parasite Chelsea, which is warmed by a crew member of loneliness, evil twins, which arise out of nowhere and silently rustling in the corner, refusing to talk to you (there are already stories Lem recall) – all of which help the soul become attached to the carriage of your van and take him rolling in adversity to heart.

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Humor is indeed very nice, in achivki including

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At this time I do not see the point polstati explain the rules of the game as is the case with “Gremlins.” Here, everything is much less complicated to understand and can be quite fast.

Cooperative game, ideally you play four of us – each of its crew members, but you can play and less staff, including one, controlling all by turns. I went through the game alone and did not notice any problems.

Even the co-op players take turns watching each other’s moves, deciding how to work together to solve a particular problem, so the differences are small.

Here there is no element of ‘social deduction “(in other words,” Mafia “), that is, none of the players are not a fascist, not a Cylon and not the mafia, secret roles there, all honest work together toward a common goal. However, the studio threatened to add a mode with sabotage in the near future.

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All four characters have completely different functions and capabilities. The captain controls the ship and makes sure that every move the ship flew to a new planet to refresh the supply of available maps.

If it fails, the characters of the deck quickly clogged with garbage and it will be very difficult to do something.

Chef prepares meals to be delivered – only three of them, deliver all at – finish the game. But it is not so easy as it seems.

Also cook the most tools for cleaning the deck of cards from the weak and help colleagues. Often there is nothing to cook to cook, because not all of the components found yet, so most of the time it runs through the compartments and helping others with their problems.

A scientist engaged in research, to improve the efficiency of decks of all crew members and add new powerful cards.

Despite the fact that all crew members are required to fulfill the mission, it is the engineer – the one on whom often hangs the fate of the whole team.

He mends broken doors and holes in the skin, restores power panels and increases the volume of the hyper-engine.

If the wrong move other characters unpleasant, but not fatal, the engineer, who was unable to move her to fix anything, can easily cause the game to its sad end.