Land burned around

Accomplice an excellent placing on the market and a bomb announcement with a trailer that gave everyone the idea of ​​living in a sort of gigantic Jurassic Park,when the Wildcard title hit the market on June 2 last year, it was a riot of ovations.


As always happens, especially when it comes to a title in early access, there was no shortage of detractors of the first hour that, after playing a quarter of an hour or not having played at all, labeled it as a bankruptcy project and destined never to end.


From there to a few weeks, the reality is that we were faced with what, in all likelihood, is the most supported game of all time, at least within its category. All this with patches and additions of content that went on at intervals of a couple of days for the first few months and which, even today, do not go beyond two weeks.


Wildcard’s commitment was the key to user satisfaction despite its features, as support for DirectX 12, announced virtually at launch and not yet released.


A little more than a year later Wildcard tries again, even before exiting early access, and with two versions of console one of which is running in and one out at the end of the year.In this panorama we are going to place Scorched Earth, the first real DLC of ark game , bringing with it a series of elements of the highest level, but also the nature of paid expansion.


This last concept is the reason why at the moment, on Steam, the game went from an extremely positive average rating to a negative one.

With ARK: Scorched Earth you will satisfy your desire for hunting in the desert!


Ark of the covenant  is a classic invoice survival, as we said before. You choose a server, you create your character and you are placed in a world (PvE or PvP) in which you will need to survive, create your own resources and get to be self-sufficient. All, possibly, accompanied by a beautiful tribe that divides the roles. So far nothing different than usual, at least until the dinosaurs are included in the discussion.


With these you will have to live together, fight and possibly domesticate them to make them their own garden animals.If the basic game put us in the shoes of a character who found himself in a world populated by known dinosaurs,


Scorched Earth, on the contrary, puts us in front of a series of incredible mythological creatures, including golems and viverses. On a purely narrative level this translates into nothing: in the sense that, in the same way as the basic version of the title, there is no common thread that leads you to experience some particular experience.

Earth burned around

We wake up in a place that is unknown, with a graft in the arm (the symbol of ark survival evolved) and we try to survive, dying a number of times vertiginously close to infinity. That’s all? Yes, because ark survival evolved aberration does not want to tell you a story: it wants to make you live yours, preferably with a series of friends to share it with. In this sense, the freedom promised by the title is revealed to be total. And the ability that has the survival in question to turn into fun even the simple picking berries from the ground is inexplicable.

Ark survival evolved gameplay


Involved probably also a system of crafting and taming balanced and well structured, you can not live ark survival evolved ragnarok as an incredibly functional experience, at least in its cooperative form. As far as PvP is concerned, the critical aspects remain the same. The game is clearly based on group operations, on the need to organize with weapons and dinosaurs able to overcome the most dangerous dungeons, in order to facilitate the conquest of a series of artifacts necessary for the evocation of the bosses.


For this reason, Studio Wildcard has developed a totally free spin-off, called Survival of the Fittest, suitable for the clash with the other players and for which they are already active tournaments with jackpots of tens of thousands of dollars.


Be clear, in the game it is possible on the basis of the servers to organize raids to take the supremacy of an area, but if you are looking for a deeper survival but more focused on simple competition, better look towards Rust. What’s so new in this expansion?


A new map, slightly smaller than the main one and the one added for free through mod. A series of new creatures, including inventions like giant mantis and centipede, shoot acid and, presumably, even a series of new bosses. The point is therefore, and here is based the wagon of criticism arrived at Studio Wildcard these days: it was really necessary to publish an expansion to the certainly not a modest sum of twenty euros, for a game that is still in early access?