South Park: Dial-ups, Review

There is something that did not work in the gang of the Raccoon and some of Cartman’s friends have decided to break up to create a kind of civil war within South Park, giving life to the Friends of Freedom.


Our arrival in the city will sanction the entry into the group led by the most famous elementary schoolgirl who has an important mission to accomplish: retrieve a lost cat so that he can get a hundred dollar reward and realize with those money, a franchise dedicated to South Park superheroes to distribute on Netflix. Meanwhile, however, a bigger threat is to strike the city and save that hairy friend will only be the beginning of a much wider challenge and the much more psychologically deviated faces.

The South Park Di-Reti Contests has a magnificent handwriting, worthy of the most beautiful episode in the series, clearly out of line with what is the unmistakable brand style.


Our character, fully customizable in any form, with the license to create something really horrible or easily dissecting, will often be understood and morally embraced because of what is his greatest trauma, which has made it mute: at just six years he discovered his father who was his mother, a problem that Cartman fails to face and that pushes the Rice to welcome the Novellino into his team as a child. Character characterization, not to say, is the strongest point in the whole experience,

South Park: Dial-ups, Review

Civil War

As in the first chapter, South Park Di-Ratatis is an RPG with a round combat system that will take you to four fighters and take full advantage of their skills. Obviously the protagonist will always be the Novellino, completely customizable not only in the aesthetic aspect, that will remain a hint and change only in appearance, but also in what are its characteristics in combat: you will have the chance, throughout the entire adventure , to get to master four different classes of those proposed, which are in total twelve.


By doing so you will not only have the ability to build a completely sonic character of your choices, but also to have your own ‘ high doses of re-playability to be able to experience so much new skills and classes as to how to deploy teams that are always different: in fact, you will almost always have the ability to select your combat comrades except for those who will need to accompany you in a battle for narrative needs.


This aspect will prompt you to understand and learn the various features of Aquilon Man, Mysterion, Rice, Captain Diabetes and so on, to master not only their skills in battle but also how they can be useful in exploration of all South Park, element that we will see in the near future. The fight, we say, is in turn, but it is a well-known, thanks to the first chapter, a variation of the tactics game, predicting a box move and an attack based on the various rays of ‘ action that your every skill will have, whether it is curative or attacking.

Everything is left to your choices, because you have to include, at least for Novellino, in your triptych of the most congenial actions, what you think you can do most in your case. In this South Park, especially if you are playing at the highest difficulty – the one where the color of your skin is black – it turns into a huge trial & error, because every lost battle will come back with the knowledge of your mistakes and you will understand where to fix it maybe who will bring you to the team together with you.