Soon Nioh 2 will receive the first storyline addition “Tengu Apprentice” – Team Ninja told what to expect from the PS4-exclusive

Studio Team ninja spoke about the upcoming support of her samurai epic Nioh 2. Firstly, today a major patch will be released that will replenish the game with several new features, one of which will be the shooting mode.

Nioh 2 photo mode is not an ordinary option or something like that. In it, players will be given the capabilities of a typical camera – they will be able to control shutter speed, lighting, white balance and even use filters.

In addition, nine new tasks (additional and twilight) will be added to the game.

The update is just the first step towards developers who intend to continue to replenish Nioh 2 with exciting content. In the next few months, the game will receive as many as three major additions that will offer users new challenges.

New assignments and youkai demons, furious and powerful bosses, guardian spirits and skills, updated armor and weapons. And that’s not all. Fans are waiting for new levels of difficulty and game content.

The first of the plot additions titled “Tengu Apprentice” will be released on July 30 of this year.

His synopsis reads:

“At the end of the Heian period, a great battle broke out under Yashima. Our hero, finding himself in Yasima, discovers the sanctuary in which the mysterious whistle is stored. This whistle is called “Sohayamaru”. On closer inspection, the whistle emits a bright glow, and nearby there is a shadow of a certain youkoy. Every time a war breaks out in the country, the carrier heroes of Sohayamaru go into battle in order to restore peace and tranquility in these lands. ”

In the coming months, the developers promise to tell more about the “Tengu Apprentice”, but for now they offer to download new wallpapers dedicated to the upcoming additions.



Nioh 2 was released March 12, 2023 exclusively on the PS4.

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