Sony’s Horizon: Zero Dawn will be released on PC, Kotaku sources say

Authority Portal Sources Kotaku confirmed earlier this year role action porting information Horizon: Zero Dawn studios Guerrilla games on PC. According to the article Jason Schreier, gamers will be able to buy a computer version this year.

The journalist called the move “unprecedented,” once again pointing to Sony’s move away from the traditional exclusivity policy. Previously, it was impossible to imagine that the top-end game from the internal studio of the platform holder would be published outside the PlayStation.

Kotaku expects PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn to launch simultaneously in stores Epic Games Store and SteamHowever, this question has not yet been finalized.. The site also expects that on computers, developers will be able to better reveal the game from a technical point of view. For example, on Playstation 4 the frame rate is locked at 30FPS.

“This is the first time that a large exclusive has been transferred from a Sony-owned studio to a PC.

Death stranding, released on PS4 last November and expected on PC this summer, was funded and published by Sony, but created by an independent studio Kojima productions (and the PC version will in fact be distributed by another company – 505 games)

French studio Quantic dream, also independent, working with Sony according to a similar scheme, independently published Heavy rain, Beyond: two souls and Detroit: Become Human on the pc.

Another thing that combines Horizon and Death Stranding is the engine. Decima engine. Powerful Guerrilla Games toolkit for creating open world games. In recent years, Guerrilla Games and Kojima Productions have worked closely together. “

Kotaku editor recalled that ordinary publishers today seek to cover as many formats as possible, this has long been a familiar thing. However, for the Sony platform-level holder, going beyond the PlayStation is a very significant step.

“Since the launch of the original PlayStation in 1994, almost all games funded and developed by Sony have been exclusive to its consoles. The main exception to the rule has been computer-based MMOs. [от Sony Online Entertainment] in the spirit of EverQuest.

Sony’s strategy has always been to stimulate iron sales through games, and vice versa. And one would expect that this strategy will continue to adhere to with the advent of the PlayStation 5 “.

Schreier also mentioned recent prediction by NPD analyst Matt Piscatella, who believes that in the coming decade, exclusives (like games created for just one particular device) will disappear. Traditional platforms will be replaced by ecosystems.

Will Sony follow Microsoft’s example with its own list of PlayStation exclusives? This upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn port may be a telltale sign“, – concluded the journalist.

Schreyer received information about porting Horizon to a PC from three sources at once, who wished to remain anonymous. Sony has not yet responded to the request for publication.

Formerly Sony announced for PC and PS4 multiplayer shooter Predator: Hunting Grounds and reported that her studio in San Diego will create multi-platform games.

The first to create a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn was told by a Russian blogger Anton Logvinov. Many did not believe him, and one of the developers of the game, commenting on fans’ messages on Twitter, pretended that he did not know the “PC” platform.

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