Sony will allow PS5 owners to record voice chats and inform other players

Yesterday with the release of firmware 8.00 for Playstation 4 users drew attention to a new system notification informing that voice chats in the “Party” can now be recorded for moderation purposes. Moreover, anyone who enters a group chat on PS4, where such a notification is displayed, automatically consents to the recording of their voice.

Initially, there was no mention of recording voice chats in the release notes for the update, which led some to decide that Sony would now be constantly listening to their conversations. However, it is not.

Today, the company updated its blog post for firmware 8.00, where it clarified that this is a new function for Playstation 5which will be available after starting the console… It will allow players to record their voice chats on the PS5 and send them to moderators for review, and a pop-up that is now displayed on PS4 will inform them that when they chat with a PS5 user, they will be able to send these recordings from their console to Sony Interactive Entertainment

As another step in preparation for the PS5 launch, the company has also updated the app. Remote playby adding support for remotely launching games from the new console.

PlayStation 5 sales start 19th November

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