Sony spoke in more detail about the function of recording voice chats on the PlayStation 5 – you cannot turn it off

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Blog Playstation have posted more details on the new voice chat feature coming to PS5 and will allow players to report verbal abuse by recording conversations.

  • Sony noted that the addition of the feature does not mean that players will now be constantly monitored. It is strictly intended to enable users to report abuse or harassment committed against them while playing online.
  • After the release of PS5, if the player needs to send a complaint, he will be able to attach a voice chat recording to it for up to 40 seconds: 20 seconds of the main conversation with the insult, plus an additional 10 seconds at the beginning and after;
  • The function only saves the last five minutes of voice chat. However, you cannot turn off the voice chat recording. The company wants all users to feel safe while playing online, not just those who have enabled this option;
  • The infringement report is sent directly from the PlayStation 5 and sent for moderation to the Customer Experience team, who will then listen to the recording and take action if necessary;
  • When communicating with a player on the PlayStation 5, the PS4 user will receive a notification that their conversation may be recorded for moderation purposes.

The PS5 will launch on November 19th. Sony recently showed the console interface for the first time

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