Sony prepares to announce Bluepoint Games purchase – rumor

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Buying rumors Bluepoint games company Sony continue to appear on the net. According to the ResetEra administration, the deal will definitely happen – it’s just a matter of time.

As you may remember, last year a forum member under the nickname MarsipanRumpan confidently stated that Sony would buy Bluepoint by February 28th, agreeing to block its account if his words were not confirmed. There has been a lot of buzz around this claim recently as February ends and the deal still hasn’t been announced. Users began to demand to ban the MarsipanRumpan account for disseminating false information, but yesterday the administration of the resource decided to put an end to this issue.

ResetEra administrator under the nickname Transistor noted that many sources are talking about the purchase, so the deal is only a matter of time… He also urged forum participants to show more leniency towards insiders, since no one is immune from mistakes or changes in plans, especially in the current “covid” time.

“As for Marsipan Rumpan, he won’t be banned, so take it easy. I had enough faith that this would happen so I never had to ban him. I don’t like real ban bets and don’t tend to support them.”

Recall that, according to MarsipanRumpan, back in November, certain agreements were already reached between Sony and Bluepoint Games, and the release of the remake Demon’s Souls became the “final test” before the takeover of the studio.

Bluepoint is rumored to be working on an updated Metal gear solid

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