Sony patented technology for tracking facial expressions and nose position of a player using PlayStation VR

A patent was found on the network for the next revision of the PSVR. Site MP1st reports that Sony Interactive Entertainment registers a device with tracking the movements of the face and the location of the user’s nose.

“A method of rendering a virtual reality scene (VR) visible through a head-mounted display. It includes detecting the user’s gaze using one or more sensors located in the device’s case, as well as capturing an image of the user’s mouth using one or more cameras located in the headset. In this case, the capture includes mouth movements.

The method also includes creating a virtual face of the user with a virtual movement of the eyes and mouth. The method includes creating a user avatar in VR with a recreated virtual face. User avatar is available for viewing to another user who has access. The facial expressions and mouth movements of the user are provided to another user only with a helmet on, and a virtual face without. ”

As usual, a schematic picture is attached to the description, in which you can see the sensors of the headset capturing the position of the nose and mouth of the user, as well as tracking the direction of view.

The patent also mentions that players will be able to see part of their own nose in a virtual environment, located in the same way as in reality.

“The image of the user’s nose in scenes, full or partial, allows him to better feel the content of virtual reality. If the user’s nose does not show up properly, at least partially, the user’s appearance or perception of virtual reality scenes by him will be less natural. Thus, due to this integration in those places where the user expects to see at least part of his nose, the user’s brain reactions will become more natural, since he does not need to mentally filter his nose. ”

Perhaps all this is done to ensure that in a virtual environment, players see very detailed avatars.

The technology for tracking facial expressions through a helmet has already been tested by other companies that manufacture headsets for virtual reality. One of them is Veeso, which in 2016 published a video demonstrating this technology. Facebook has been experimenting with this for a long time.

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