Sony brings back a free PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 upgrade to Horizon: Forbidden West

Company Sony officially returned to Horizon: Forbidden West the ability to switch from the PlayStation 4 version of the game to the PlayStation 5 for free after being criticized on the network for the decision to include the upgrade only in expensive editions.

Recall that on Thursday, pre-orders were opened for the new product of the studio Guerrilla Games, together with which it turned out that the free update promised last year for all players will be available only to buyers of the extended digital and collectible editions.

Many journalists and players did not like this much, and therefore the president SIE Jim Ryan publicly acknowledged the error and at the same time clarified the upgrade rule for future releases of the company.

All PS4 crossgen exclusives after Horizon: Forbidden West will offer a paid upgrade from PS4 to PS5 – $ 10… This also applies to the next part God of war and Gran turismo 7that will appear on two generations at once.

Horizon: Forbidden West will release on February 18, 2022.

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