Sonic Mania

Speed ​​is nothing without control
In the standard games of the series, speed was not the only thing that counted: although it was a major part of the gameplay it was also important to be able to look around to not bump into enemies and not to end up in the traps present on the different levels, always be aware of the areas around us with the awareness that, taking unexpected paths, we may often find bonuses and good objects.
 In Sonic Mania, just like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, you can take control of the 3 main characters, each with their own exclusive skills, in addition to the shared twisted shot: Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. Sonic (usable alone or accompanied by Tails) in addition to being the fastest of the trio he owns
Drop Dash, a brand new skill that allows you to load the screwed shot while we’re in the air, holding down the jump button and it will start automatically once you reach the ground, feature designed especially for those who approach the series for the first time;
Tails can jump higher and possess the ability to fly for a limited period of time, skill to overcome certain puzzles and explore otherwise inaccessible places, even carrying Sonic by playing in the aforementioned torque mode; Knuckles can finally destroy some rocky walls without having to make a screwed-up shot (it will be enough to walk or run in front), then it can also plan the mid-air and climb on the walls. It also seems that the developers have worked precisely on the red earhorn: by using it, we will start Green Hill Zone 1 action at a different point in the map to prompt the player to experience Knuckles skills right away.
Sonic Mania, the review of the return of the blue hippopotamus in 2D
Enhancements for everyone!
During the levels you will not be able to miss the boosts and bonuses you can find under the classic form of mini TV to break.
These items have been recovered by Sonic 3 and are now known by fans: the super ring that automatically adds 10 rings to our counter, a standard shield without additional effects, shoes to give us super speed for a limited time, temporary invincibility (recognizable by the stars on the display to be destroyed), the bubble shield that allows us to breathe underwater without any problems, the shield of flames that protects us from fire and lava, the thunder shield that automatically attracts to us the surrounding rings , designed to protect us from any electrical attack.
 Using Sonic (and not Tails or Knuckles), the shields also have a secondary effect by sacrificing in the process the Drop Dash: using the jump button in the air, the bubble will allow you to bounce to have a higher elevation,
A new addition also concerns the combination of rings that will appear in the form of a blue ring, an object originally from Knuckles’ Chaotix (spinoff released on 32X) but appropriately modified for the occasion: when we hit, instead of dropping all the rings in only one shot will fall only a few, but of much larger and slim dimensions, making it easier to succeed in recovering our booty. 
Also, beware of objects with Eggman, which also make their return on Mania. These are traps that, when activated, will immediately lose our rings or even a lifetime if we do not have it.