Solstice Chronicles: MIA

Action Solstice Chronicles: MIA is set in the same universe – to colonize Mars, where people fled from the Earth to escape the epidemic zombie virus. We play for the Marines, the only mercenary, remaining alive in dead colonies, behind the front line.

Yes, you heard right – if The Red Solstice was a team tactical action game, where one group could fight up to eight soldiers, including co-op, the Solstice Chronicles: MIA reminds Alien Shooter ™ , where the soloist one hero, and reptiles of the crowd it is deposited .

The only assistant of our Marines – a chatty drone supporting us more or less successful jokes and special abilities (about them – a little later).

Together they will be more than two dozen missions – Marine trying to survive, to save an important employee of the corporation “Elysium” and find a cure for the virus, and the drone keeps his own secret mission in mind. The whole plot is served here and seen a little more interesting than in the first game – to promote and videos on the engine, and ironic chatter drone.

“Bleeding” to ukachki

However, the problem at all levels about the same and line – to go from point A to point B, passing crowds of monsters to destroy something to activate or deactivate, open, find, save, protect within the allotted time and so on.

Some variability in the passage, or rather, how and what you will deal with enemies, selects the class at the start. There are four of them, and not eight, as in the of The of Red the Solstice . Attack aircraft, bomber, Ogneborets and terminator – each has unique abilities and weapons as the main and additional. And in general, for each fighting style is really different.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA game review

Among other things, the drone can build barricades, set traps, bombs, napalm, radar, turrets and other useful things.

As compensation for the reduction in the number of classes the authors have changed and expanded the “pumping” and character customization.

Can develop from the three branches of skills – general, the class and the drone skills. Also, the more often you palite of certain types of weapons, the faster growing mastery of them. And even before the mission is allowed to change the “gun” and choose an active skill, replacing, for example, the opportunity to put a grenade on the turret.

On the other hand, the skill of “intelligence” when the drone brings the player ammunition found in the surrounding area, first aid kits and various other useful items, on the contrary, increases the threat – the enemy immediately rush to us from all sides. Same with the “bombing” – a bomb when you restart the program once again pushes the scale of danger in the red zone.

Many enemies are no

All this kind of allows us to control ourselves and determine the pace of the game by increasing or decreasing the number and strength of enemies on the level. In some situations, it really works, but not all. In fact, virtually every skill drone anyway increases for some time, “spawn” monsters, making the passage of a permanent fire in all directions.

Make me a provocation

However, the authors did not want to simply extend the role system. “The team wants to find a new approach to the shooter with a view from the top” – they wrote in the announcements and eventually entered into Solstice Chronicles: MIA is such a thing as the level of threat.

The scale of the danger of damage affects the large monsters and shows how many enemies can attack the player at the same time at the moment. The threat level above (Is Red scale), the more monsters and the hotter level. It also happens that opponents even more than the assumed level of threat – it is the result of specific, such as story, scripted events. Killing monsters, we reduce the danger.

Also, it can be influenced by applying different skills drone. For example, the ability to “provocation” first entices you to all enemies in the area, and then reduce the level of threat. The “protection” not only creates around Marine force field, killing small and large slowing monsters, but also gives rise to new enemies – it therefore reduces the red scale.