Soap Apocalypse: An analysis of the Darksiders Genesis version for the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

YouTube channel ContraNetwork posted a new video that is dedicated to testing the version Darksiders genesis for Nintendo switch.

The blogger analyzed the work of the game in portable and stationary modes. In the first version, the frame counter per second is kept at around 26-30 fps, and in the second, more stable 29-30 fps are observed. The image quality in Darksiders Genesis is quite soapy, which allows us to talk about low resolution.

The studio was responsible for the development of the game. Airship syndicatein which many veterans work Vigil games. Darksiders Genesis is a spin-off of the main series and will allow gamers to try on the roles of two Horsemen of the Apocalypse: War and Discord. A co-op mode for two people is also available.

Review of Darksiders Genesis for PC

Darksiders Genesis review for PS4 / PS4 Pro

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War and Discord is here – Darksiders Genesis release trailer released

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