Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: the third is the winner

You are going to allow me the soccer simile, because I have discovered that in Ci Games they are some of the most passionate fans of Diego Pablo ” el Cholo ” Simeone,


coach of Atlético de Madrid. The studio must have their offices papered with Simeone’s statements, because they define a philosophy of life and a work ethic that they seem willing to follow at face value.


We do not know his goal, but not his road map, crystallized in statements of the coach as the following: ” As for how to continue, we have only one way, which is to insist, insist, insist, insist and keep insisting .” That’s what Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is about, to


keep insisting. An exercise halfway between stubbornness and masochism. A “no eggs” very Spanish. Another attempt to record, based on stubbornness, the name of the franchise in the annals of the first-person shooter genre . Pick and shovel, hear.

For those who do not know, Ci Games is a company from Poland that develops its own video games and even distributes some aliens in Eastern Europe . Based in Warsaw (yes, they are neighbors of CD Projekt and The Witcher , although that’s where any


resemblance and relationship ends) and with a year of foundation established in 2002, they have published 86 titles in the last decade and a half, with

150 people approximately make up your template. Yes, yes, 86. Almost nothing. At a rate of 5.73 titles per year. A larger number, for putting us in situation, than the analysis that their


games receive, and a higher rate than the average grade of the Metacritic study. Such absurd figures are made up of sagas that, even without succeeding, have


two hundred and fifty-four chapters and one thousand three hundred and forty-two sequels. Do not be too smart to realize that it is very difficult that such a workflow does not affect the final quality of your products.

However, there are Lords of the Fallen and the TrackMania of Wii and Nintendo DS , for example. Titles that, without being the advent


of a new era in the videogame industry, entertain and leave with a  good taste in the mouth , even with the bitter pang of all “almost”. Without fanfare and without being any portent they demonstrate the know-how of the team. They work .

And in those we got to the Sniper Ghost Warrior saga , which does not. The 55 ( 6.5 in MeriStation ) of the original title in Metacritic and the


52 ( 4.5 in this house ) of its sequel, lead us to ask ourselves what we do here. How we see ourselves in this situation. How is it that we are facing the analysis of a third installment. For those who also ask that question, say that there are 5.5 million


reasons behind, 3 of the first part and 2 and a half (and rising) of the second. The franchise has become a guilty pleasure that many enjoy. Love is blind, they say.

Therefore, the time has come to analyze what is behind the return of the most popular saga of the broad cast of Ci Games and see if, on the third, is the loser. An act of faith


The saga is reinvented in Eastern Europe

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is loaded with new features. Ci Games is aware that their predecessors are not perfect, much less, and has taken good note of the failures and decided to remedy them. He has obtained a mixed success when applying strips and healing deficiencies,


and has also found new gaps and problems in his career, as we will see now, but it is appreciated that this time we present something different and renewed. That you notice the desire to change and grow, the ambition to do a superior job .

Although these developments do not start by making a story up to the task. Arguably, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is smooth and flat like its predecessors,


it moves in both dimensions. Predictable , it is a bucket full of  cliches and archetypes . Given the performances of the characters (with a hieratic face that does not transmit any emotion and an overactive dubbing) can be somewhat ridiculous at times.

It’s a shame, because the location chosen for the title, Eastern Europe , we love it. We’ve seen it again and again, why lie (Metal Gear Solid 3:


Snake Eater, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, STALKER, Metro 2033, GoldenEye 007, Ghost Recon … and so on to infinity). We are not going to fool ourselves by saying that it is original or unpublished, but to a title of this nature it feels like a


glove, by tone and theme. Dark and leafy forests, golden steppes and locations sunk in the snow are the dream of every sniper, the Olympus of skirmishes based on a precision rifle, many enemies and few bullets.

5.jpg Screenshot

The problem lies in, instead of basing the plot load on the problems that can be generated by the border between Russia and Georgia


(the specific place where it is set), in the rise of nationalism , in the personal history of our protagonist, soporific and seen ad nauseam. If the background had been prepared with real data, it would have been signed by


Tom Clancly himself in his day. However, the exhaustive and interesting work of context is limited to serving as the backdrop and setting for the family drama that covers the spotlight and that works less and less as the hours advance.

History places us in the shoes of a Marine of the United States, a specialist in distance fighting. An elite sniper named Jon North who is sent by


his own request to Georgia , near the Russian border. The plot revolves around Jon and his brother, Robert, who disappeared in strange circumstances


after many years serving with Jon. Through different flashbacks we will know their relationship when they were young while in the present we fulfill our duty in Eastern Europe, keeping an eye on their search.

The vulgarity is consumed with the role of the female characters, totally sexist , who kiss the ground through which we pass and can not surrender more


homage. But it is one more, as they are the absence of an enemy to the height, even being who is, and wasting several endings . In any case, it is not a protagonist and its characters enter and leave the scene without caring.

5_without_logo.jpg screenshot