Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3

Sniper heart
The Sniper Gameplay : Ghost Warrior 3 he left us with some doubt since the first hands-on, succeeded in the part of pure cecchinage and a little claudicating instead in his action incarnation. It is because in Georgia that, in the shoes of John Nort, we will be called to explore and sweep at every corner and village, the approaches can be multiple.
Get up on an elevated area, use the little drone to map the area and the enemies and then decide how and when to act will be the starting point: dodging from the distance, trying a more stealth attack or throwing yourself into the melee at Rambo will be the next choice .
In this sense, the final version of the game does not offer great improvements compared to what has already been seen in various hands-ons: the dynamics of pure sniper will be the most rewarding ones and, unfortunately, even the easiest ones to deal with, also an AI that leaves a bit to be desired but which we will talk later.
In any case, it is good to consider that in situations of great crowding, killing the distance will be a win on the whole line; on the contrary, enter more into the action-stealth than with floppy rifles- will put too much under stress a gaming system that finds to find interesting ideas if subjected to this type of dynamics.
Situations, however, radically change when the mission to be tackled requires the killing of a single individual, or some more details to track the traces of an opponent sniper, trace its position and even recreate the bullet’s path. All this reconnaissance phase will be favored by the mode of exploration, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3from the best when when, paradoxically, the open world will be more empty and intimate: John against Georgia, understood not as a great quantity of enemies but as a narrow territory and planted by other threatening snipers.
If the AI ​​is not perfect, the inventory management system will put us in trouble: before each mission we can only carry a limited amount of ammunition and objects (all of which can be obtained through the special-and very basic- crafting section) that will run out of office soon and will not be easy to find on the battlefield, not to mention that John’s wind and breath management (classic feature for such titles) will have their own specific weight, both in positive and negative).
To this is added the ‘ wearer of the star silencer, this means that if the first shots we shoot will be almost unenforceable, the following will reverberate in the whole valley, since the mouth of fire will be free of the silencer mentioned above. In short, killing enemies from above is easy, but instead managing the quantity and quality of the projectiles will be diametrically the opposite.
Here Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 finds a fundamental balance point to keep the gaming experience all addictive and rewarding, avoiding transforming it into a mere mechanical routine.
Obviously, good John will be able to develop different skills in the course of the game: through the points of experience gained, we will be assigned skill points that we can invest in the three different branches of specialization, namely Sniper, Ghost and Warrior.
 Obviously, these three classes refer to the three different approaches we can use on the battlefield: the problem though is that this skill tree is far too basic and not stimulating; in short does not add anything really structured to the game. The events that will take us to wander around the various Georgian environments mainly follow a political path (avoid the outbreak of a ‘