Hollow Knight

It is so enigmatic, so strangely beautiful, that you do not need more than a couple of seconds to understand that you are facing something, not unique, that it does not invent anything new, but it is very special; So much so, that it is not an exaggeration to speak


of him as one of the best and greatest metropolitan action adventuresof the last years. Which is to say there are so many recent examples based on this same premise.


Leaving aside how much I love his artistic section , the mime with which each stage has been designed, the best of Hollow Knight, and sometimes also the worst, is the sensation of walking totally lostexploring an underground world that seems to ha


ve no end. Wherever you go there is always an alternative path, forks here and there that can sometimes drive you crazy, because nobody, will tell you where to go. I know that it sounds a bit absurd to ask just that, that someone tells you the way to go, but when you walk for hours without being clear about your destiny; When you get into dangerous areas for which you obviously are not prepared and you die! Then frustration addresses yo


u. It’s great to feel all this freedom of action, to understand that you are inside a great labyrinth from which it will not be easy to escape, but unlike other titles of the style, in this work of Team CherryYou do not have anything clear if you are doing the


right thing or not; if the road you’re moving is the right one or you’re going in the wrong direction … and that ends up taking its toll; it takes you, even momentarily, to hate the game. “But use the map!”, Some will think; and yes, it’s your thing, but first you have to buy it !, and for that, inside this underground hell, you must find the cartographer, which is not exactly simple.



The essence Souls

Suffice it to say “metroidvania style” to get a clear idea of ​​what a videogame offers. Action, platforms and much, much exploration based on the use of special skills. We have all this in Hollow Knight represented with an exquisite taste; it is an adventure that is enjoyed from beginning to end, that knows how to surprise you with new challenges, with more and

more dangerous enemies that will force you to take advantage of everything learned during the more than 30 hours that can take you to complete this odyssey. But there is something else! Here also we are worth another of the most popular descriptions today. This is a game “with Souls essence”. I do not need to say more, right?


Hollow Knight analysis

The plataformeo has a great role in Hollow Knight, which at times, makes clear their inspirations in classics such as DuckTales. Jump on enemies? Sometimes it is essential!

Dying in Hollow Knight is so easy, so fast, that however beautiful the artistic design is, and it is, you will travel the world of Hallownest with fear in the body. It is not for less. At one point, exploring an area where it seemed clear I was not going to run into any jefazo or anything like that, I fell between two enemies of great power that took only a couple of seconds to end my


life. It was seen and not seen! A real drama! Well as in the saga of From Software, in this adventure of action and platforms die means losing all the moneywhat are you wearing? Forever? No, not forever, because you have the opportunity to recover it if you return to the place where you lost your life and you face your own ghost, but obviously it is not easy to survive this kind of challenges.