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 Sniper Elite 4 review

Rebellion has decided to move to the Italian scenario for Sniper Elite 4, sending the special agent Karl Fairburne to investigate in some places in the south and central Italy to recover the plans of a devastating guided missilethat the Nazis have developed and that is likely to change the fate of the Second World War.


The places we visit in the game have fictitious names but are based on really existing countries, characterized by evocative landscapes that are emphasized above all during the dialogue sequences that precede each of the eight missions that make up the single player campaign.


During these sequences we can interact with certain characters in order to highlight on the map secondary objectives that can make the experience more complex, multifaceted and even lasting: going straight to the level of normal difficulty it is possible to complete the story within six hours or less,but by dedicating themselves to the secondary quests and increasing the level of the challenge, things will be much longer.

Sniper Elite 4 is another step forward for the Rebellion series, but we expected more


Hard, determined and infallible, Karl Fairburne finds himself in  sniper elite 4 pc to deal with a very difficult situation, which sees on one side the allies and their relationship is not always idyllic with the partisans, on the other the Italian troops and Nazis who control the territory. The news compared to the previous episode are put on display right from the start, although it is not in any way of revolutionary mechanisms compared to the traditional gameplay of the series.

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In this case, it is now possible to climb on certain surfaces and make silent deletions from a grip with the knife, while the internal combustion engines have disappeared, allowing, once lit, to be able to shoot with the sniper, masking the noiseto avoid alerting the enemies.


The developers have instead focused even more firmly on the element of freedom of action, in the sense of being able to choose the approach we prefer from the perspective of the completion of the missions, this aspect introduced with  elite sniper 4 they are almost entirely disappeared the invisible walls and the errors of level design that afflicted past experiences, the scenarios were made even larger and equipped with different paths, each with different locations and pitfalls to expect.


Wanting to fight remaining hidden, striking from great distance, we will inevitably have to play  sniper elite 4 xbox one: within each area there is some event that creates a lot of noise, whether it’s cyclical flying at low altitude or a cannon firing at targets, and making it coincide with the noise of the shot we can eliminate the targets without triggering the alarm, provided of course that the victims are not too much close to each other.


Before taking up the rifle, however, it will be better to use the binoculars and mark all the soldiers, vehicles and any flammable objects on the scene, so you can check their position at any time and quickly implement the best strategy to neutralize or exploit them.


If at first the tactical and reflexive approach seems interesting, you will soon be opting for something more moving, approaching the guards and perhaps using their patrol path to isolate them, lure them near a bush with a whistle or throwing a stone, then take them out through a spectacular body-to-body finisher, also emphasized by the now inevitable X-ray killcam.


All aspects concerning the medium and short distance combat system, in general, have been substantially improved, thus placing largely remedying the shortcomings of  sniper elite 4 ps4:you can lurk and expose yourself to open fire, physical elimination as said works well and on more than one occasion these resources are essential to continue the missions without stopping.