Sniper Elite 4

In  Sniper Elite 4 , we meet again with the British sniper super agent Charles Fairbairn, whose allies were sent to Italy to thwart Nazi plans for the commissioning of a new super-weapon – the first guided missile, which can turn the tide of the war.

Parallel Carl helps the local resistance, making contacts with the mafia and destroy enemy infrastructure – give him a little more time, and he would single-handedly won the war.

And here lies the main problem of the game – there is literally no plot. There are only a rough outline with fragmentary dialogue before the missions, characters, tools and faceless hero.

Frankly, I am surprised that even remembered his name – developers allow Karl to open his mouth only to passively articulate exposition rollers before missions, and occasionally stupid to give tips to the player.

Review of Sniper Elite 4. Review of the game - Picture 2
Review of Sniper Elite 4. Review of the game - Picture 3
Review of Sniper Elite 4. Review of the game - Picture 4

Before each mission there is “safe” areas in the camp, where you can chat with the team and get a job. But they only aggravate the situation, although they could pull the whole game!

Rebellion seemed deliberately lowered the toilet own ambition, creating a potentially colorful characters, and do not invest in them no spark, no character, not think of them not a single interesting cues.

It would seem that what could be easier than to make a faceless radio operator with the call sign “Mother-hen” jibe with Carl barbs during communication sessions, and an elderly American agent – to rant about the incredible feats of his youth and the invaluable contribution of his country in the military successes of the Allies.

And there is still consumptive boatman, leader of the resistance, nicknamed Angel, multiple mafia – but they all speak briefly and to the point, only to charge our sniper another sabotage or murder, and get monosyllabic answer is yes.

With Carl victims do not speak – to extract valuable information it can solely of paper documents. Thus, the “demonic” Nazi ranks remain the only associates the words themselves their villainous nature does not show.

Review of Sniper Elite 4. Review of the game - Picture 5

However, despite the complete failure of the writers, to find fault in Sniper Elite 4 is almost no longer need it. In terms of game design game is beautiful, as I  detailed in my preview .

Frankly, this is how I would like to see Metal Gear Solid 5: the Phantom of The Pain  – a series of large open maps, each of which is a new challenge in a new environment and practically forces to develop different passing styles.

Italy appears in all its glory: a rocky island with a villa and vineyards, shady forest at the foot of the Apennine mountains, seaside town with colorful houses and narrow streets – this is not a sad desert

For example, the level in the mountains proved to be a haven for sniper – every couple of minutes, the forest shook resounding roar of a giant gun, which easily masked shots, whereas during a night raid on me at all failed to occupy the port of shooting – much easier it turned out without a fight slip past the patrols.

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Review of Sniper Elite 4. Review of the game - Picture 7

However, a couple of quibbles still there.

Sometimes I have a distinct feeling that the game imposes its conventions and is at odds with common sense, to complicate the life of the player.

For example, Karl can not get into the open window in front of which lies a few logs – he jumps only contextual clues on the screen and it appears only in the boxes with a smooth surface and shoulder of a certain height.

The same applies to the design of missions – at some point mafia instructed me to get a collection of works of art looted by the Nazis.

But it can be done only by a clearly spelled out – causing a truck motorcade, noting the right truck with the help of binoculars, and then calling the church bell at the other end of the card. Why not knock out a procession near “their” shelter or give a signal rocket, I did not understand.