Sniper Elite 3

American Charles in the battle on the front lines are not forced to participate: the plot quickly takes a saboteur in the heartland of German and Italian troops, where operetta villain prepares

Iron kaput for all enemies of the Reich. By the way, it’s a miracle weapon indeed developed in Nazi Germany, but on the drawings did not get. Although there is no doubt that the production was disrupted by the brave warrior overseas.

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However, leave historical fantasy Rebellion writers on their conscience. North African front – is mostly fighting in the desert and in a few cities, but Sniper Elite 3 pleases a variety of situations. Airfields, small settlements, dilapidated fortress – the levels are large and do not like each other.

After intestiniform Sniper Elite V2 cards, here at first, even a little uncomfortable. But the initial embarrassment soon gives way to passion, because there are so many good position for firing, great freedom for a creative approach to solving any combat missions!

Locations rich in details – in the most unexpected places you can find some collector’s item or a German soldier note. Plans constantly have to make adjustments: the Karl noticed a secondary target in the far end of the valley, the simple script excess paint on patrol, or even a heavy tank.

Sniper duels more or less adequately implemented only once, which is a pity: such episodes could turn out interesting and tense.

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But even without the shootings there is something to do. We offer a huge arsenal to fight the enemies of humanity: anti-tank mines, stretching for the most curious of the Nazis, indispensable silenced pistol “Velrod” and priceless knife for close combat. In an extreme case, it can damage the closest diesel generator and mask shots under its cyclical wheeze.

Flying past the aircraft also help to hide from the Germans our presence. It sounds all so well, though Rebellion suddenly jump on the latest release of Hitman and make a real successor to the older, but still magnificent Commandos or Hidden & Dangerous.

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The long-awaited non-linearity, the scope for tactical tricks, and fresh decorative series – all wasted. As a stealth-action game, Sniper Elite 3 can not offer a serious sparring partner. This, for which I would like to contrive with explosive traps and transfer of corpses of enemies.

A typical scene: two Germans are at the table and look at each other. Masking shot to the sound of machines working nearby and punched his head to one of the Nazis.

His partner begins to suspect something, grabs the gun, hiding behind furniture and anxious shouts something (located close watch on him not to react). It takes a minute and a fighter – though sighing to myself “Wow, it seemed!” – removes the gun and as if nothing had happened in the stands to warm place.

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If shooting is not masked, then our presence know almost the entire garrison. In this case, it is sufficient to move away from a position where we have detected, fifty meters: soldiers and officers give up and will continue to examine the texture on the nearest wall.

Fantastically passive AI – it is the main developer blunder. So serious that other stuff, you can ignore. When the villain says Karl sacramental “we’re actually very similar” to the Sniper Elite 3 all become clear.

You can try on their own to save the situation: sluggish stealth in the kingdom of the blind men could embolden an open clash. But as an ordinary third-person shooter Sniper Elite 3 is rather weak. And the AI ​​from a public declaration of war not becoming smarter.

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If Rebellion forget about everything, except the main “chip” of the series: the emphasis again is on the spectacular murder, shows “X-ray” of the camera.

Bullet sewn liver, lung, heart, fascist – even if we assume that you like to look at these unappetizing details, think about it: how many times you want to see it? One? Five? Ten? X-Ray is activated almost every sniper hit, and perhaps nearly a hundred targets on a single card.