Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

This Analysis focuses on the remastering, news, improvements and extras of this Final Edition for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more exhaustive details on the mechanics, keys and features of Sleeping Dogs (2012) we recommend the original Analysis .

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PC) IllustrationSquare Enix already tested this last edition of the Definitive Edition with the latest Tomb Raider ( Analysis ), and now a new exponent of graphic jump with Sleeping Dogs , brilliant sandbox criminal caught many by surprise and we were passionate about so many others with its fresh proposal, hyper varied and effectively fun in all genres that interspersed. The one that started being True Crime: Hong Kong jumped from the hands of


Activision to fall in the United Front Games, that with this project they launched fully into their biggest, best and most expensive work. Now, two years later, the developer who has remastered Tomb Raider for Xbox One a few months ago, celebrates the good result and quality of the frenzied police adventure of the undercover Wei Shen and shapes the Final


Edition of the title for new generation machines ( PS4, One and PC ), remastered in native 1080p resolution , with a lot of graphical improvements , the 24 DLCs and the extras appeared to date, new additions and unique details, and, against it, a somewhat crazy price of 59, 90 euros , more suitable € 29.90on PC where it already came out at the time.

More than two years (since August 2012) is not a short time and the original Sleeping Dogs is in most stores and distributors in our country for about 20 euros ( Essentials and Classicson PS3-360). Of course, this new remastered and complete game is essential for those


who could not enjoy it or do not know the singular proposal, it is a better option than the original one, although we must carefully evaluate the considerable price increase. He currently shares genre with big action names in open cities like GTA V,


Saints Row IV, inFamous: Second Son, Watch Dogs or Batman Arkham City and Origins , but in his day he knew how to see only the brightness of each one of his similar ones. style and conjugate everything in a unique and well tied sandbox in Hong Kong of mature cut, quite oriental and very cinematographic, especially referential to the films of John Woo .

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PC) screenshot

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PC) screenshot   Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) screenshot

The combats melee of the hero of Gotham, the careful criminal environment of the Rockstar series, the wide range of objects of personalization of all Saints Row, the agile races among crowds of Assassin’s Creed …


And all with a breakthrough scheme of missions that finally eliminated the conventional and frustrating role of messenger and contained within themselves small stories and memorable moments full of visual epics and spectacularity .


Persecutions to the leaders of the triads through the streets of Hong Kong firing from the car and with accidents to tutiplén, combats of massive martial artsand with showy combos of final execution, scripted eventsas explosions and destruction to load of adrenaline


every new and different assignment, a successful rolero role in the character progression system with skills and exponential improvements of attributes and equipment, from one side or another of the law … In terms of gameplay It was and still is a joy; complete and varied.

In fact, Square Enix as publisher has no qualms about inviting the developers to correct all the playable elements they consider necessary in these Definitive Edition, as we saw in PS4’s Tomb Raider with the use of the touch panel and the LED light of the DualShock


4 for the torch, or the option – how not – to change the trigger to the triggers already today main L2 and R2, originally assigned to L1 and R1. In


Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition there are also improvements and correct modifications that only affect the playable, from controls that respond better for fights, to refined aim or more stability and precision in driving.