“One does not enter Mordor simply by walking …”,
Boromir de Gondor

The Law of Talión Ready to take advantage of an attractive license that returns to be fashionable in the Cinema with the Hobbith, Warner Interactive has preferred to leave the official adaptations of the new trilogy of Peter Jackson in charge of LEGO – that already signed one of the best Middle

Earth games with its sandbox version of Lord of the Rings. On the other hand, the publisher has preferred to play another trick, as risky as it is sure to cement a new series, speculating in this Middle Earth: Shades of Mordor  with the “ What if …? 


That tends to make up the expanded universes of the series. And he does it in order to tell us something new in a scenario that is already well known to many after more than 30 years. Years of Tolkien video games that we reviewed at the time
shadow-of-mor2dro.jpg screenshot

In this case, before the new IP -which is very much appreciated and see new IPs in a time of sequels, prequels and remakes- the guys from the Monolith studio, already with experience in this universe after Guardians of Middle-earth- decide to do the following questions: What if there had been a Ranger from the kingdom of Gondor called Talion, in charge of guarding the


Black Gate of Mordor, whose family had been killed by the hosts of Sauron when planning the capture of Middle-earth? What if Talion had also fallen,


but then revived with inhuman abilities of the dreaded specters of the ring? What if instead of living a mission of heroes to save everyone, our motives were simply the purest, sadistic, bloody and visceral revenge? 

The Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor (360) screenshot

middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-300px.jpg screenshotMiddle Earth: Shadows of Mordorraises this question by telling a story of revenge located in a story arc between the plots of The Hobbit and the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. In the form of open mapping we will open a Mordor that begins to fall in the wasteland of death and desolation that we see later, with key characters of the


Tolkien universe as Gollum himself, the game having a script that knows how to maintain the history of the Ring that we saw in the tapes parallel to that


of the protagonist. But to all eyes, Shadows of Mordor is the odyssey of justice by the hand of Talion in an AAA that Monolith signs after his Guardians of Middle-earth. Obviously it is undeniable that the game looks at productions like Assassin’s Creed, but the plot, the setting,

As we say, Shades of Mordor puts us at the feet of Talion, a Gondorian mountaineer who was killed along with his wife Ioreth and his son Dirhael ,


in the Black Gate at the hands of The Black Hand , the highest ranking officer in the Army of Sauron, but death was not absolute and the Specter of Celebrimbor , an elf that seeks revenge -and with a personal history very ambitious as to the plot that our


authors want to tell us-, has the human body in disgrace, giving it strength and skills that allow you to see the invisible world, know the fears of your enemies and control their wills just by touching them.

The Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor (360) screenshotThe Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor (360) screenshotThe Middle-Earth: Shadows of Mordor (360) screenshot

Unlike a pure and hard RPG, the story, written by Christian Cantamessa , who also wrote the masterful virtual western of honor and revenge that was Red Dead Redemption , is dosed perfectly in a few moments where the player has to look for NPC’s for to be able to reveal elements of it. Instead of wandering through villages looking for dialogues, the game uses


collectible artifacts along the maps that allow us to discover through memories the link and true objective of the spectrum that inhabits the body of the


main character, and that although it has been revealed In the most recent trailers, the truth is that we are not going to do it here, since their role does not deserve to be gutted and kept secret especially for the fans of Tolkien.