Sincerely, Slaughter (Deadpool) is one of the most interesting comic characters in the entire Marvel gallery . Activision has had a brilliant idea in granting the braggart mercenary and mentally unbalanced his own video game , his own action adventure, both melee and armed.


The question is whether High Moon , the studio developer of this work, has been up to the gameplay and technique, and if they have been able to count on the budgets that the editor of Call of Duty leavesto other developers to shape something colorful and fun. Neither of the two questions has an affirmative answer, Slaughter is a game of quality only correct and very conformist,


without incentives within its genre and with a stage finish very little effort, not at all remarkable. It is a title whose indisputable appeal and difference are based almost entirely on the character of Rob Liefeld, who gives his name to the album, the protagonist and his way of interacting both with the situations that come over him and, of course, with the own viewer or player.

Massacre is able to maintain interest and stand a set of cakes and more cakes against generic and clone enemies that do not even have combat intelligence, flat minions.


It is a round character , hilarious when you open your mouth and, fortunately, in this game does not stop opening it. Yes, in English , because Activision did not want to load the brilliant original dubbing and the character does not lose its essence by translating the voices into other languages.


This production is only subtitled in Castilian , but in this case this is not negative at all, it perfectly maintains a brilliant interpretation work and the poignant voice achieved by Nolan North for the slender protagonist in tight red and black suit, already played by the doubler in other appearances in various audiovisual media.

The final bosses preside over the gameplay of Massacre, quite flat and repetitive except for these moments.  Of course, acid humor is not missing anywhere.
The final bosses preside over the gameplay of Massacre, quite flat and repetitive except for these moments. Of course, acid humor is not missing anywhere.

It is a character very cameo in other series, but in this game those who make cameos are the rest of Marvel superheroes, completely popular as


Wolverine or some familiar face of the Spiderman universe, and others that we do not want to disclose in this text since their interventions are one of the best incentives. The style of video game superheroes, in fact, is very present here, following the wake of Activision’s latest productions in this almost always unstable terrain, now with nothing to


contribute or anything to prove, but – I repeat – that thanks to its humor gets a constant invitation to the player to continue advancing through his plot


divided into 8 acts, about 7 or 8 hours of blows, shootings, very aerobic combat and rhythm. But most importantly, 7 or 8 hours of irreverence, macabre sense of humor, pranks, pincers, sentences without taboos, sexual winks and total record that Slaughter is nothing more than a set of strokes on a vignette.

The fourth wall

He is the only superhero aware that he embodies a comic character, that he is not real, and Marvel takes advantage of it, also High Moon in the lines of dialogue and situations that exposes this trip. Deadpool interacts with the player, speaks directly to him and


knows that he is starring in his own video game in charge of these studies. He knows what there is, what he has come to, and even jokes about the quality of his adventure or the kinship with others. Without regard or hairs on the tongue.


This generates an unparalleled appeal, capable of engaging the player through a history of halls and more rooms arranged in a linear fashion and against enemies whose sole purpose is to get ahead to be shot down, to shots, with stealthy surprise attacks or,


the most usual, with white arms and quite violent blows. Massacre begins this plot lying on the sofa of his sucísimo apartment, being able to interact with diverse parts of the house like the kitchen, the TV or the WC. A very clear declaration of intentions that this protagonist is very different …