Halfway between the humor berlanguiano and the TBO editorial Bruguera, there is something in Slap Village deeply Spanish, that sense of humor characteristic of our cultural products that mixes the costumbrismo with the subrealismo to propose us an absurd and impossible reality with naturalness and without a hint of blushing.

It is that humor the most remarkable aspect of Slap Village. A humor that pervades everything, and makes here, if someone tells you what is going to happen, instead of spoilers, what you are doing is spoiling the joke. Jokes that look good, in some cases part of a sketch of Tuesday and 13 or José Mota.

Slap Village - Reality Slap Chapter 1 (PC) screenshot

Between joke and joke, Slap Village immerses us in a retro-futurist American west, to name it in some way, where the anachronistic is the norm, encounters with aliens do not provoke a blink of their ridiculous inhabitants and a stagecoach company that has just



incorporated his first and rudimentary model explosion can leave a customer lying for not having checked the change of schedules of the route on the Internet, even if they are in a semi-abandoned town in the middle of the gold rush.

It is a humor sometimes a little local, it is difficult to think that an Anglo-Saxon will understand the grace that in this alternative world the largest drone manufacturer is “Drone Simone” and may even find eschatological that the most widely read sport is the daily


“Ass.” However, the one capable of understanding the dozens of references that are hidden in their dialogues and scenarios will enjoy like a dwarf.


There are no shortcuts to things as disparate as hour of adventures, the trollies, the playmobil, the war of the galaxies, the gremlings and even Albanian-Kosovo mercenaries.

Slap Village - Reality Slap Chapter 1 (PC) screenshot


This low difficulty contributes unfortunately to make Slap Village stay a bit lame in terms of duration. With small moments of jam, the game only offers about 5 hours of play, much less if our deduction skills are higher, or we take advantage of the help of the game.


To partially compensate, there is the possibility of obtaining all the achievements, but as in all games of this genre, once we know how to advance, grace disappears.

Slap Village - Reality Slap Chapter 1 (PC) screenshot

Regarding the help system mentioned above, it is very reminiscent of the concept of superguides implemented in the latest Nintendo games,


and allows us to access clues that make it obvious how to continue in case we get stuck. Perfect, along with his humor, to allow the enjoyment of the children of the house or those not so experienced in this genre, or those who do not have patience.

Turning to the technical, Slap Village is a game very resultón, with a simple graphic style but perfectly fulfills its role, and will quickly remind us of


the animation of the 90, especially the factory D’Ocon. Characters that in many cases will pull a smile just to see their appearance, and we can also learn a little better in a gallery of characters available from the menu.

Slap Village - Reality Slap Chapter 1 (PC) screenshot

More criticizable is, in a game where the script has been closed long enough to be able to double it, the important disaster in the presentation of the texts,


with multiple spelling and punctuation errors and an implementation that makes cases like phrase endpoints opening The next box is not a rarity. Since the script is a basic element, this aspect disfigures the final result.

It is this little, however, that does not seem so spoiled in a product that even includes a vocal theme in the credits. You can also notice this


dedication in the presence of three minigames (one of racing, another of fighting and a puzzle) that we find scattered throughout history.