Skylar & Plux Adventure on Clover Island

Everything in this videogame evokes that glorious era in which life was measured by impossible jumps and crazy acrobatics. It’s a great virtue, of course, but in the video game of Right Nice GamesIt also becomes one of its main defects. It is too sim


ilar to what has already been seen in so many other games of the style; he does not invent anything new, he takes things from here and there, he combines them without too much creativity, and presents them in a world full of color … but equally lacking in imagin


ation. From start to finish I spent the whole game repeating myself “this I’ve seen before”, and it is fatal for a video game that also does not pose a worthy challenge.


Although it is entertaining, although the proposed trip has fun, Skylar & Plux is too simple, too easy . In the little more than two hours that lasts, almost a sigh, it has not put me in trouble even once. Neither the plataform, nor the combats,


nor even the few puzzles that you find on the way are a challenge; rather a walk. And it’s a shame. Leaving aside his total lack of originality, it shows the care and love with which he has developed a video game that app


eals to nostalgia , to the memory of classics like Jak & Daxter, to captivate you with his action. He gets it … but half. Almost the whole game is like that; points out ways, lets see that there are good ideas in the background, but never takes advantage of them. It is far from doing it.



Save the world … jumping!

When you land in the colorful world in which the adventure takes place, it is difficult not to get excited about the prospect of enjoying a videogame of platforms like those of yesteryear, but this is an illusion that fades too quickly. You should feel joy, excitement to relive the good old days, but Skylar & Plux rather awakens a certain feeling of indifference.

You advance, you follow your path, because it entertains the necessary and just, but in no time the video game stands out in the least. It is well done, it can not be denied, but its linear and unimaginative design of levels , added to the total lack of originality, subtract all that charm that is presupposed.


Skylar & Plux Adventure on Clover Island analysis

There are some interesting puzzles but they are neither original nor, much less, pose a serious challenge. The video game is too easy.

There are moments of the game in which you think, “Oh, this promises”, but then you’re face-to-face with the harsh reality. This work by


Right Nice Games is terribly superficial; never deepens in any of its game mechanics. Every time you get a new special skill and you think it will surprise you, it does! But in the worst possible way, with insubstantial challenges, without grace, that do not pose any challenge. Redirect a laser beam using mirrors? Slow down the time to dodge d


eadly traps? The solution to these problems is usually so simple that it almost seems an insult to the player’s intelligence. Not even when the game becomes something more imaginative, than original, the sensations change. It is always the same.


Skylar & Plux Adventure on Clover Island PC

In his little more than 2 hours of play, he has not put me in trouble even once

In the desert, one of the three scenarios in which the action takes place, we can travel to the past in very specific areas to modify the appea

rance of the environment and thus find new ways of exploration. Not bad but … you can imagine what I’m going to say next: not like that Skylar & Plux get surprised because the tests proposed are still ridiculously simple. If it is sometimes enough to hit a simple object to solve a puzzle, and so it is difficult to get excited. Nor are the c
ombats worthy of mention. There is a null variety of enemies, these are not particularly intelligent, nor do you have many resources to deal with them. Worst? That there are no bossesat the end of each one of the worlds in which you enter and, to make ma
tters worse, when you face the villain in the final duel, this battle is not original either! As if it were the monster Frankenstein, the adventure was born from taking without much grace ideas here and there, which obviously takes its toll.


Skylar & Plux Adventure on Clover Island

Thanks to the teleporters you can return to areas already visited to rescue the innocents that you could have left behind along the way.

Even the bet for a duet protagonist makes little sense in this adventure. For what!? If there is no interaction between the heroes, if in the end everything depends on Skylar. His battling partner is a stone guest, someone who is there to rele


ase a couple of funny phrases, and many more heroic, and little else! Which leads me to talk about the argument. It is followed with interest – it is in English-, and have fun times, but do not expect anything from the other world. In general, everythin


g is like this in this 3D adventure that promised much more than what it finally offers. Not even in the audiovisual is especially striking. It looks beautiful and the music makes the action good, but Skylar & Plux suffers from a great lack of personality.


Everything feels and looks too generic, too typical. And maybe a few years ago we would have received it better, with more joy, but now that the genre regains strength, it loses practically all the charm.