Silent Hill or indie? Schreier spoke to Abandoned developer Hassan Kahraman – there are more questions than answers

Head of the Mysterious Studio Blue Box Game Studios Hasan Kahraman gave the first interview to a journalist Bloomberg Jason Schreier, in which he once again disowned any connection with a Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima and franchise Silent HillHe said that his the acclaimed game Abandoned for PlayStation 5 under development since 2017

  • Kahraman showed Schreier screenshots of his work posts over the past three months on a private forum for independent game authors. There, he asks for help on the Unreal Engine 4, on which Abandoned is built, and helps other content creators. The images are meant to prove that Kahraman is truly an indie developer.however Bloomberg cannot publish them as the forum is closed.
  • According to Kahraman, the studio did not expect this kind of attention for Abandoned, and now, being a little-known team, trying to capitalize on an unexpected surge of interest work without angering Sony or violating any marketing agreements.
  • At the same time, the developer is worried that people expect Silent Hill from Abandoned.… “The players don’t believe us. They expect something from Abandoned that she is not. That worries me,” he told Schreier.
  • Kahraman claims that he was interested in creating games since childhood, but he cannot boast of success in the industry so far. In 2015, his studio tried to raise about 12 thousand dollars to develop the horror Rewind on Kickstarter, but the campaign raised only $ 207 and failed. He later announced that he had found a private investor for the project, but in the end he never came out. Another game co-authored by Blue Box Game Studios, got bugged and got an 11% Steam User Rating
  • Abandoned has been in development since 2017, according to Kahraman, although “the concept has changed many times.”… The Blue Box Game Studios team consists of 10 people, but part of the work was outsourced, so we can say that in total 50 people are working on the game (on Linkedin in the studio’s profile, Schreier found only Kahraman and no one else). The studio allegedly attracted Sony’s attention in 2015 – after it failed on Kickstarter
  • Schreier wanted to talk with several studio staff, but in the end, Kahraman offered only himself for the interview, mentioning another person who did not want to comment.
  • Kahraman said that he has signed a contract with Sony, according to which he cannot yet share the details of Abandoned. The development of the game, he said, is funded by several investors, but he also cannot disclose them.… “There is a reason for this. I really cannot discuss this aspect.”
  • In total, Blue Box Game Studios works with “six or seven” outsourcing companies, including Nuare Studio and Dekogon Studios. Representatives from both declined to comment on Schreier
  • In the near future, Kahraman plans to do a live broadcast to answer questions from the audience and show the faces of his colleagues. “We understand that people are waiting for this. We need to act quickly.”
  • Within a month, all the secrecy surrounding Abandoned should dissipate, and Kahraman hopes that this will put an end to fan theories. “If they continue to believe in the rumors after that, then there is nothing I can do to help.”

At the end of the conversation, Schreier was left with mixed feelings. On the one hand, all indications are that Kahraman is a real indie developer. However, the journalist has many questions that have not yet been answered. For example, who sponsors the studio, what is its agreement with Sony Interactive Entertainment (the company announced the game on its official PlayStation blog, which few people in the indie segment can dream of), and how a little-known team with little experience plans to pull out an ambitious 3D game for next generation consoles with 4K graphics at 60FPS.

“The announcement post on the PlayStation blog is full of ‘red flags’. For example, they promise a game with realistic graphics in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, which in reality can be difficult for even the most famous teams to achieve, but here we are talking about such a tiny one”, – wrote Schreier.

The journalist asked Sony to comment on the situation, but received no response

Schreier was also surprised that a name was already involved in the story with Abandoned. Jeff Keely – producer The Game Awards and a good friend of Kojima, whom the developers, again little-known, invite to show their mysterious game. Keely declined to comment on Schreier’s material

But that’s not all. On June 25, the game should be presented through a unique “interactive trailer” in the format of a special application on the PlayStation 5, which has not been done by any studio before.… Where does this honor come from for Blue Box Game Studios?

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