Silence: The Whispered World 2

In Silence , we will meet again with a boy named Noah, but now is not the sad clown Sedvik, and 16-year-old. In The Whispered World , he and his assistant funny, caterpillar Spot, traveled around the world and the Silent tried not to let the villains to stop time. In fact, it was a dream – Sedvik lay in a coma after the accident and thus fought for his life.

In Silencehe grew up, but again found himself locked in a silent world – this time with little sister Renee. It happened after the bunker where they had taken refuge from air attack, hit by a bomb.

Sister disappeared in November, and the boy goes in search of her own dreams in the country, which faces a new danger. Silent Fate of the world and its fantastic inhabitants in the hands of his brother and sister.

Or it is not it a dream? The Silence attention shifts to the baby Reni – that she has to make a decisive choice. And to say that it is a choice between life and death, between fantasy and reality, it would be too speculative – in fact, everything is more complicated.

Reducing the volume

Another thing is that now we initially know about the very need motivated and that the final choice about what threatens the heroes stay in a silent world. And so in the Silence already have one of surprise that was in The Whispered World and produced such a strong impression at the end. Partly because of this, and the story is a bit easier. As it is no longer the philosophy of metaphors and symbolism – only hints at them but the actual subtext about dying in the war children.

Yes, it may appeal to girls. By the way, the game, as you can see, well translated into a great and mighty …

There is not the same size, or a large number of interesting characters. And those that have, for example rebels, who are fighting against the silent world of some of the Queen of lies and hide from the monstrous faceless Searchers, so in the long run to the end and are not disclosed.

But there was a moral choice. Periodically, we will decide how to behave in the dialogue whether to disclose all the cards, or better to remain silent, how to calm Renee slip past Searchers or make them angry, and so on. But no matter what serious it has almost no effect.

Closer to the finale will be more important dilemma, from which depends the fate of the rebels and of our caterpillar-mate, but some distinct consequences of the decision you will not see.

Fashionable, youth …

Yes, in some moments the writers clearly nedozhali. But in fact, it all fits into the original desire Daedalic Entertainment’s (and they did no one is hiding!)

To make the adventure more compact, concise, focused precisely on the history, from which nothing should distract us for a long time.

Adventure game and a turned – lighter, fashion, youth and cinematic, a fully three-dimensional characters (two-dimensional backs, as in the first part, fine), with a large number of rollers, closeups, nonlinearity and arcade elements.

Accordingly, here everything is easier, clearer and more accessible. “Pikselhantinga” in Silencemany times smaller races on the locations too, inventory disappeared altogether, and with it – and puzzles to bust things sewn with white thread to the story and the only distraction from the main story.

The logic of the remaining puzzles more obvious, is equipped with are also very flexible, convenient system prompts and the backlight.

Many of the puzzles can be skipped altogether, but the situation that test our reaction, and sleight of hand, on the other hand, are binding.

We try to keep the cursor in the center of the circle, so that the character lost his balance, trying to catch the drops (the name of Spot in the Russian version) rope, flying from side to side, move heavy objects, hold down the mouse in the desired direction. And the closer to the finale occur even elements of arcade simulator of flight, when we fly in the clouds.

So as not to worry about such a brave crumb?


To think for three

In general, Silence has not dare to call the same classic quest, what was of The Whispered World . Someone is upset, someone on the contrary, rejoice – because the Germans often blamed for the glut of puzzles and too bizarre logic.

But in any case, their new creation can not be called primitive or accuse him of lack of imagination. There’s a funny characters like Sweet-Lumi and interesting, unusual situations. For example, we are in the form of drops (it still can take many forms) jump from head to head huge dragon, and the role in November ladder Master of live snakes or reanimate a cute leader of the insurgents, using a defibrillator tentacles Queen bees.