Faster than PS4 and on par with PS Vita: PlayStation 5 takes first million in Japan

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As of September 5, 2021 sold in Japan 1,012,656 consoles new generation Playstation 5… This was announced today by the publication Famitsudoing market research. Your first million system Sony took it faster Playstation 4

As the graph below shows, in terms of current sales dynamics, the PlayStation 5 is on par with the PlayStation Vita, which eventually lost to the PlayStation 4 in Japan.… However, demand for the PlayStation 5 continues to outstrip supply – it has been in short supply since its launch in November 2020, and new lots are selling out very quickly.

The positive sales announcement in Japan is good news for Sony, which maintains that the home market continues to be one of its most crucial. The problem is that some of the consoles do not stay in Japan and go through dealers to other countries. Experts started talking about this in the first months after the launch of the PlayStation 5, looking at the low sales of games in local retail.

Famitsu confirmed today that Resident Evil Village is the number one bestseller for the new console with 67,000 copies.… For 10 months, not a single game for nextgen was able to take more than 100 thousand copies on physical media, while in the first year of the PlayStation 4 there were many.

In terms of software, the situation in Japan is strikingly different from the situation in the West. For example, in the UK charts, popular PlayStation 5 games show a sharp rise in physical charts with each new console shipment to stores, while in the Japanese region, where Sony ships thousands and tens of thousands of consoles every week, nothing like this is observed. PlayStation 5 games are generally absent from local ratings for most of the year.

According to a well-known analyst Daniel Ahmad, many consoles from Japan are resold in other Asian countries, including China, where demand for the PlayStation 5 is high and official shipments from Sony are less frequent.

Release scheduled for September 10 in Japan Tales of arise… This game is expected to become one of the largest-selling PlayStation consoles in Japan in 2021.

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