Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth

Effect of Alpha Centauri at Beyond Earth is felt in almost every detail. Even history is similar: for thousands of years in pursuit of their selfish goals, people brought the mother nature to such a state that she, trying to shake off the pesky parasite outbreak of another cataclysm, which forced people to look for a new Earth.

And let the Alpha Centauri crew of one ship is divided into groups due to an accident that occurred on board, and in Beyond Earth humanity initially go surf the cosmos alliances, united on a national basis, and there, and there is a split led to the formation of competing states.

But Beyond Earth resembles predecessor not only complication. If the license of the Sivilization drew parallels with the real world and the temptation to rewrite history,

Alpha Centauri offered to put together a civilization in unexplored planet, which is very different from the native land. Change the setting if pleased by no means all – too much had to learn all over again.

In the case of Beyond Earth situation is repeated. From the first strokes on you dumped a ton of background information, which in any case can not be missed – to understand all the components of the game and their relationships based on pure logic, it is almost impossible.

No, here you will have read – oh, very much to read! Any units and structures depend on local resources? Where better to move on “technological web”?

How to most effectively use satellites? These nuances are either in-game encyclopedia, or are perceived by trial and error. But be warned once, blind experiments are taken away from you much more time and nerves.

Many are upset and the absence of severe space romance. The surface of the planets (desert, acid and mushroom kingdom) look great, symphonic music adjusts to the desired fashion, but …

Firstly, in Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth there is no space. Yes, yes, you have the only planet and its orbit is similar to Earth, which does not affect the perception of a new world.

Secondly, quests, small orders, which, in theory, should cause a player has empathy for nature and pride-controlled civilization, not only that it is always the same, so also are issued in strict order and are activated from time to time by the same actions.

Quests, again, important for mechanics (variations of rewards that you receive for performing tasks are useful when a sharp change in strategy), but not for the atmosphere. However, let’s be honest, in the global tactical TBS is not so important.

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Beyond Earth in the indigenous population of another planet loves to nest on the nutrient resource ksenomassa (in Alpha Centauri alien worms born from ksenogribov).

But what really counts is the artificial intelligence. Computer controlling opponents in single player, since the days of Sid Meier’s Civilization V has not changed, and it’s not that good.

So, at higher difficulty levels the virtual opponent is cheating openly and out of nowhere takes additional resources for development.

By the way, some familiar elements such as the luxury resources (influence on the contentment of your citizens) were cut from the game. This is due to the replacement of “happiness” system of civilization on the “health”.

If earlier because of the disturbed population weakened army and slows the overall progress, it is now the penalties for ill citizens are insignificant, but an attempt to maintain the level of “health” in the black will bring the same small bonuses (also suck all the juice out of you).

When choosing between two evils, more profitable to go into minus 10-15 units of “health” and save time and points of production in cities.

In this case, a negative index of “health” does not affect the distancing of the Golden Age, as it was with the system of “happiness”. And not affect at least because of the golden age in the future there, as well as great people – these elements have remained in Civilization 5.

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With the help of satellites, you can spy on your competitors.

But there are (albeit reinterpreted) city-state. Now they are called commercial stations and do not have the political influence of the army and under the control of the territory (except for the cells in which they are located).

The station has three levels of which increase with the amount sent to them caravans. Each level adds a bit of profit received from the paved path to the station shopping.

But if none of the civilizations within a certain time does not begin to trade, or at least to win the population of the town, these touchy guys are packing their bags and fly to another part of the map.

Friendship with these stations is often awkward (and even “take” trade routes), but hostility and robbery on the contrary, benefits and wealth. However, other factions on the planet looting would not approve, but who will listen to them?