Shovel Knight

Not huge logos, no cinematic intros of 10 minutes, not even a little animated one. The symbol of its young developers and directly the main screen with a powerful MiDi theme playing in the background. In it the usual options, and only if we enter the screen we


will see an indicator of the current times, since activating the Vsync and synchronizing the achievements with Steam is not an element of the games of yesteryear in NES . So begins Shovel Knight, a direct and absolute throwback to the past as few indies have achieved in a long time, since unlike other productions, it is not guess that all its


pixelated appearance is used as a clear tribute example the also super Retro City Rampage-, but from the beginning has been conceived as if it were to come out in the 3rd Generation, as if it were a companion of the iconic NES batch of 1986 – Mario Bros., Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania- , it was. For any nostalgic, for those who won their gallons gamers at that time, and for lovers of 2D, this creation of Yatch Club Games catches you from its main menu. And the good thing is that the thing has only just begun.


The story, as it used to be the usual, is more an excuse to put on screen a whole bestiary of enemies, traps and final heads as varied as successful, going from Dungeons & Dragonsenvironments to others more typical of Mega Man. But let’s not go ahead yet events. Let’s start by narrating the sad ballad of the Shovel Knight, who along with his beloved Shield Knight toured the


lands of the Kingdom ridding him of any evil, enemy and monster. They were the best heroes, those who deserved always the best reward. But one unfortunate day, in a tower that hid a precious medallion, the duo released a too great power, and Shield Knight disappeared.

Retired and with the grief that seized him, the knight left the heroics, and soon a new enemy, the powerful Enchantress, appeared with his army of beasts to subdue the Kingdom. And with the same shovel that he wore every day, the Shovel Knight, as a good tragic hero, embarked on the odyssey of the lone paladin to defeat Enchantress, who ran everything from the infamous tower in which Shield Knight disappeared.

Shovel Knight (PC) screenshotShovel Knight (PC) screenshotShovel Knight (PC) screenshotShovel Knight (PC) screenshot

Going through a variety of different scenarios on each level-we’re not going to tell you ANYTHING, or NPCs characters, or Final Leaders, better to appear before your eyes, just tell you that there are 8 Final Bosses but also Mid Bosses between the phases-, the


The first time we travel the world of Shovel Knight can take us about 7-8 hours. Its difficulty is not excessive, although it will be increased – it will never be bad to bring several healing potions in the inventory – and, for those who are not accustomed to such


classical gameplay, they will have to learn elements such as not jumping when it comes to them In winning, but rush to the maximum on that platform that moves and at the same time take out the weapon so that the enemy does not hit us, pull us to the bottom and force us to repeat again the whole development.


The advance is fast, always maintaining its basic mechanics, but with enough new things to keep it interesting and fluid. The best thing is the design of scenarios, in the style of Super Mario Bros. 3, so that practicing a bit of exploration can bring us useful items and interesting alternative paths.