Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

The desire and the ambition of EniGami to realize a competent Action RPG with very defined objectives are noticed . He knows to which audience


he goes, a childish and youthful one that has grown up with classic Shonens like Naruto and Dragon Ball , mixing the particular Japanese anime style with that of the European comic, giving rise to a somewhat strange, but no doubt personal mixture.


The problem is that in any ambitious work the seams are more noticeable, and although those of Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom are trying to camouflage under a colorful and marked cel-shading style, it is hard not to go back to the generation of the 128


bits of the Dark Chronicles , Rogue Galaxy or Dragon Quest VIII. But beyond the fantasy world that is presented to us, it is the translation at levels and mechanics that fails the most. Going through


its first zones already denotes that the game makes a considerable effort to squeeze its map to the maximum, taking you from one point to another constantly to extend an adventure that, taking into account the genre, is not one of the longest.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom analysis

Along the way, the puzzles and the combats are responsible for giving some variety to the issue. The combats surprise in the first instance, since we see a clear tribute for the fighting games, with its upper life bar and adjacent energy tanks. The biggest inspiration would be the videogames of the Naruto saga, for their style of free movement , mi


xing magic techniques and close combat . The execution does not respond as well to control as could be expected, giving the feeling that some hits and defensive movements do not come when we press the button, but luckily there is a system deep enough behind to give variety throughout the adventure .



Disciplines of struggle

Here enter the different fighting techniques, which will improve our combat capabilities, the classic equipment of a role-playing game, the magical abilities that can be recharged with an interesting system of colors that respond to the one of the arena of combat, as well as the possibility of alternating between several characters that are added to the adventure, e

ach with their own movements and techniques. As if that were not enough, that reactive system we saw in games like Dragon Age Origins or
Final Fantasy XII, which allows you to program actions according to certain conditions, is added to go deeper into the passive abilities of our character. This is how an Action RPG is built with enough depth and freshness, that it has enough elements to dedicate time and energy.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom PC

The world of Shiness is colorful and can be reminiscent of the time of the 128 bits with games like Dark Chronicle.

It is missing, however, something more challenging, since the possibilities of personalization are multiplied over time, but at times it gives


the feeling that all these options are not so necessary and that we can finish each fight by pounding the button of punch and kick, dodging or defending us from time to time and using the numerous elixirs that give us fallen enemies.


The puzzles come in the same way to boost the exploration. Each of the characters that join the adventure is able to perform a special action. For example, Chado can invoke menhirs that push buttons on the ground or throw them; Poky uses a mag


ical wrench to link the energy of different stones; Kayenne is a shelk who uses his psychokinetic abilities to move objects. Rosalya uses fire to destroy traps and obstacles on the way; and Askelis able to attract objects out of reach. The puzzles are qu


ite simple, although when we are completing our group of adventurers they will be complicated by having to intersperse the abilities of several of them.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom

The desire and the ambition of EniGami to realize a competent Action RPG are noticed

History presents a fantasy world where humans, wakis and shelk live together , these last two anthropomorphic animals. Although the introduction is somewhat abrupt, we will soon discover that as Chado, we are one of the few bein

gs capable of seeing and hearing the Shiness, magical spirits closely linked to the destiny of the world. But on our trip aboard a flying boat,
we fall into a forest where we will live the conflict of two opposing kingdoms. A very archetypal argument and although it is supported quite well thanks to its characters, it does not end up taking off or making us completely involved in it.


Shiness The Lightning Kingdom PC

The battle system is clearly inspired by games like Naruto, with life bars on top and freedom of movement.

Shiness is a title that fulfills everything it does, and tries to cover enough to be considered a large and ambitious work. Unfortunately some of its aspects, without failing in any case, either are not completely polished, or are not used efficiently. And in the


long run, the player may lose interest in the story, in some fights that take a long time to evolve or take too many turns on the stage. But there is something we must admit: this is the way to recover that medium production game that so well accompanied the catalog of a platform and that gave rise to jewels that do not need a multimillion-dollar budget such as triple A. Hopefully EmiGami keeps trying .